Setting Idea: Arcane Dyson Sphere
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    Setting Idea: Arcane Dyson Sphere

    Themes are arcane dyson sphere, magical experimentation, occult alien abductions, and alternate possible histories. Races are all D&D races plus alien conspiracy races of Greys, Nordics, and Reptilians (maybe others later).

    The idea is an alliance of multiverse traveling alien races, with extremely advanced technology discovers for first time that in some universes magic exists big time.

    So they build a magical Dyson Sphere around a young sleeping Sun Titan to study magic isolated from the rest of the multiverse. Its basically a giant magical lab.

    These alien races kidnapped entire civilizations from different universes, placed them carefully near other chosen civilizations in magically isolated regions called Labs to study both their interactions, but also the evolution of their magical technology.

    A thousand years before the current year, a researcher revolted against her mission, told the test subjects that truth, who later called her a wise Prophet much to her horror. She also awakened the Sun Titan, who in revenge destroyed 90% of the alliances research bases on surface of the Arcane Dyson Sphere.

    This caused the mystical barriers between Labs to fall, allowing isolated groups of civilizations to interact with the civilizations of other Labs.

    The first civilizations to learn of the teachings of the Researcher turned reluctant Prophet shared the truth with other civilizations in other Labs.

    It was only the intervention of the little Grey Prophet that stopped refugees from the surface of the Dyson Sphere from being slaughtered for millenia of twisted experiments on the experimental races in test facilities called Dungeons.

    The races are in addition to the usual elf, dwarf, human, halfling, tiefling, gnome, halforc, Dragonborn, aasimar, ect... the four alien alliance races (all taken from Alien Conspiracy theories) the Greys, the Reptilians, the Nordics, and the Men in Black.

    In the first world, the place were the Researcher Prophet began teaching the truth, the different civilizations are still trying to cope with the truth.

    This world, which is a small moon made up of four labs, each with 3 civilizations of test subjects in it, was originally only human civilizations until researchers abducted 25% of the population to alter their reproductive organs, so that they'd give birth to none human races. They then used magitech to send false visions to the populations telling them that this was an act of the Gods.

    On this world the first lab was designed to study the effects of multiculturalism on magic by kidnapping ancient multicultural civilizations from universes with alternate histories.

    the second lab studied exotic forms of democracy.

    The third lab studied how magic evolves in athiestic civilizations.

    And the fourth studied Theocracies and their effect on magic.

    In what had been the first lab, the civilizations are Neo Ebla, a Canaanite civilization which was kidnapped from a universe where Ebla defeated the Hitittes and absord their culture into Ebla's own multicultural system, instead of being destroyed.

    Then there was the New Ptolemic Civilization, in from a universe where the Cleopatra and her son defeated Rome and absord some of it's institutions such as the senate.

    And lastly the Kushite Kingdom stolen from a Universe where they conquered all of India.

    The second lab, the one with the exotic forms of democracy had the Kingdom of Chains from a universe where BDSM got blended with democracy. In this civilization only Submissives get a vote, and only Doms can run for office, including being elected King for a decade long term.

    In the second civilization, its fiends and angels who run for office, with citizens magically summoning the winners for 4 year terms. The fiends and celestials campaign by sending voting citizens dreams making their case for why they should serve. The Fiends and Celestials running were originally fake beings manufactured and controlled by the Grey's, but since the Prophet ended the experiment, real Celestials and Fiends have been elected.

    And last civilization, a telepathic direct democracy. A Giant Floating Brain called the President reads the minds of the citizens on proposed bills and the majority of citizens desides if the bill passes or gets discarded. The President makes no choices itself, it just counts the votes and telepathically announces the results. The President is uncorruptable so far, although many attempts have been made, leading executions of conspirators. Anyone can propose a bill to the President, who then puts it to a telepathic city wide vote. The Greys and the Nordics made the President, but made it so that even they can't tamper with it, as that would undermine the experiment.
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