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    Quote Originally Posted by Li Shenron View Post
    It's also an assumption, and just as flawed, that that there MUST be a penalty.
    Not working normally =/= must be a penalty. Those are two completely different things. If you look earlier as my post on how I did them, sometimes it is less effective, and sometimes it’s more effective, and sometimes it’s just different beingnneither better or worse, depending on what you’re wanting to do.

    Also, I think this falls into the “reasonable expectation” category, much like how it’s used in court. What would a reasonable person do in the situation. Like my parchment example. MUST there be a difference in how writing on parchment underwater differs from writing on in on a dry desk? Well, no, but it’s a reasonable expectation that it will be different based on how we apply real world logic to scenarios where there are no rules explicit for it.

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    20 years of ENWorld and we still haven't learned to answer the darn question...

    The OP asked what are the rules and clearly referred to the books. I gave the answer to the question. I should have stopped there already, my mistake to add anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBeholder View Post
    All of the above, however, could also be said about magma.
    Sure. You can cast spells just fine in magma. 20d6 points of fire damage per round makes for a nasty concentration save, though.

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