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    Level Up (A5E) Holy Symbols and Shields

    I haven't seen in explicitly, but I think the entry on Divine Focuses (AG, page 327) implies a shield could be used. Especially when "emblems" are noted as being a possible Divine Focus, with a cost of 5 gp. I'd run it as the emblem could be added at cost to a shield. I might count it as one of...
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    Level Up (A5E) Maneuver Cards Preorders Coming Soon

    Shipping is no doubt crazy these days. Thanks for bringing these to market - looking forward to getting a set in time
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    Level Up (A5E) GM's Screen—Nice!

    Will those go on the store, retail, or be kept for future Kickstarter rewards? Definitely interested in getting one (and am in North America)
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    Level Up (A5E) GM's Screen—Nice!

    I regret not getting the physical screen with my hardbacks.
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    Level Up (A5E) My books arrived!

    Mine arrived a handful of minutes ago. Very excited to be digging into them.
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    Absalom, City of Lost Omens In-Depth Review

    My copy of that B&G Gold edition arrived last night, and wow! Fantastic kit
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    Awfully Cheerful Engine ACE Experiences?

    Howdy Folks, Anyone been playing ACE yet? My printed loot from the Kickstarter showed up the other week, and one sighting it via social media, at least a few friends requested some games of it in the future. Haven't seen a lot of chat on it, and wondering what folks are up to with it.
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    WOIN Capping Your Dice Pool

    Oh, thanks - I'd missed that! I think you're probably right re: the dice cap, but I may play with it a little. I'm not overly worried about balance.
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    WOIN Small magic questions

    Nothing like the author and publisher providing an answer in 3 or so hours. :) Thanks, Morrus!
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    WOIN Capping Your Dice Pool

    I think your example is the rules-as-written. The pool would be 6 dice less 2 equipment dice (the -2 improv ) = 4, which is under the dice pool cap. I'm thinking of something where Skills + Attributes + Gear = 6 or more dice on a 5 Dice Cap, and the GM allows the "excess" dice to go somewhere...
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    WOIN Small magic questions

    It is, but it's not quite as funky to me. The paragraph reads like a contract paragraph, and I read it that way (which is my day job) so I'm sort of used to various conditionals and stuff. The first sentence is descriptive but "rest" isn't really defined. The second sentence and paragraph detail...
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    WOIN Capping Your Dice Pool

    The way I read it is that you have to reduce (if needed) to that base dice cap (for characters who can somehow gather a pool larger than their cap in Step 1) before you can trade off attack dice to damage (say). That is, a Grade 5 PC who gathers 7 dice in an attack pool can't put two of them...