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Recent content by 5ekyu

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    D&D 5E SELF-HEALING- zero HP divide?

    So while pondering another I got off on a tangent. Just musing but I like the feel. A simple alteration to the healing rules to put some extra sting or hardship to "going zero" or "whack-a-mole." If you go thru a combat without even getting knocked to 0 hp, healing is as D&D norm - short rest...
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    Is there a DM Obligation for PC Abilities?

    To me, the GMs obligation is to run a fair and enjoyable game. For some, that might mean reminding them. Others not. For me, I go st the gameplay from the CHARACTER perspective much less that player system mastery. So, on occasion, I will carefully remind them of abilities and take into account...
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    D&D 5E Those who come from earlier editions, why are you okay with 5E healing (or are you)?

    I honestly do not know how the quoted statement was controversial. "As others have chimed in on, the rule for PCs apply to PCs not everything in the world. So, others have it or not at GM discretion." In the core PHB itself, the death saves rules are brought out as such. For NPCs "minsters"...
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    D&D 5E Those who come from earlier editions, why are you okay with 5E healing (or are you)?

    As others have chimed in on, the rule for PCs apply to PCs not everything in the world. So, others have it or not at GM discretion. In this way, it is just like damage saves. PCs get them and others can die at zero or also get saves. In terms of prior editions, every edition handled things...
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    WotC Unpopular Opinion: WotC is the Bethesda of RPG Companies

    There may be but in a very narrow subset of the context. Most of the time what people call fixes are tweaks to make a section work differently - in a way they like better. The various homebrew rangers mentioned above are just that, tweaks, not fixes. The original rules "work" but some folks...
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    D&D 5E The Larger Failure of "Tyranny of Dragons"

    Or, alternatively, some of the expectation and value in those early encounters is to show, not tell, the players that this will not be a campaign where every encounter is level balanced, to be charged into the fray expecting even odds. That some rely on choices to hide, use cover, stick-and-hide...
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    D&D 5E The Larger Failure of "Tyranny of Dragons"

    And I come to a different conclusion. Players agree to play Tyranny. Then once the first scene in-character begins they say no to walking into the city. So far, so good. Player agency deciding what their characters do. Gm then decides to end the campaign right there. That is not supporting...
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    D&D 5E The Larger Failure of "Tyranny of Dragons"

    Earlier, in this thread, wasnt it you who expressed this which seemed to be an example of a problem with the adventure? So, these seem to conflict slightly, to me at least. You consider the PCs deciding to go do something else a campaign ending issue while at the same time not choosing to...
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    D&D 4E A different leader type. The seer (new class) and balancing a proactive heal.

    Proactive healing or maybe pre-emptive healing sounds a lot like a in-game representation of Heroism.
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    D&D 2E Which is the better fantasy rpg and why: D&D 5e or Pathfinder 2e?

    To me, better is in the eye of the beholder - a matter of taste and preference. PF2e in its first x.0 iteration has good and bad and a bit if cross-reference issues to work out but for those who want the crunchier build more akin to point buy than classed design its fine. For me, my games...
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    D&D 5E [5E] Longer long rests and spell durations

    There are other issues spawning from sane cause. Look at the number of "if cast every day for..." type effects. If they are not rituals, it means you need multiple casters or significantly higher level casters spending more and more slots between weekly refresh of slots. Unless you routinely...
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    D&D 5E How Do You Reward Attendance and Participation?

    I completely divorce advancement from actions and results. We level by sessions. Since everyone is now going to advance, the only goal is play. Works great. They do what is important to their charscters. The night " payment" for actions is play, development with NPCs.
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    D&D 5E Using Sending to contact a creature who was disguised?

    I would not rule it doesnt work. It's not a divination after all. If you fo that, it can become a disguise detector, might have issues for shifty types like druids, etc. I would simply let it do what it says - deliver the message to the creature and allow a response even if it is a different...
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    D&D 5E How do you handle this? - DM edition

    1 I let them use the highest bonus unless there is a compelling reason not to. 2 A failure on an ability check can produce some result of progress eith setback. I frequently have the setback include complications that make latter checks more difficult or impossible. So perhaps the investigation...
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    Pathfinder 2E Hero Points

    Generally, I dislike hero points, drama points etc. They get worse when integrated strongly into system and have not seen system where they find a good balance. Contrast with what I would call specialty points where Hero point type impact is limited to a narrow specialty on a character to...