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Recent content by Ace

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    Kickstarter Crescent: Nautical Fantasy TTRPG Kickstarter is now live!

    Haven't played Divinity but I hope your K.S. does have a spot of a Pirates of Darkwater vibe to it. Good luck.
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    What was the first music album you bought?

    Grease Soundtrack I think.
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    D&D 5E D&D vs Bespoke Genre TTRPGs

    D&D is for playing D&D which is what most people want most of the time and often enough, its fine as a compromise. Its also played so much that people use it for all kinds of things. In my experience very lightly modified Epic 6 Pathfinder made for really good gritty heist style play. Now...
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    D&D General Rulings, not Rules: How Will You Solve the Bard / Half Elf Dilemma?

    I went with Ban the Bard though my preferred choice would be "play 2nd edition."
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    World of Darkness is also coming to TV!

    I'd watch that over a vampire driven one.
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    World of Darkness is also coming to TV!

    It had some very good moments though.
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    D&D General What DM-skills are you bad at?

    Prep. I rarely bother with it. Second, I basically refuse to use any tech more sophisticated a spreadsheet and rarely that. This may be because online play defeats the entire point of TTRPG, that is getting together with people.
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    We're giving away our 246-page homebrew compendium, The Elements and Beyond, for free!

    Deleted. I'm not going to support even with likes something that is problematic on copyright grounds.
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    D&D 5E The Dual Wielding Ranger: How Aragorn, Drizzt, and Dual-Wielding Led to the Ranger's Loss of Identity

    Ranger (and thieves as well but that is another conversation) only needed to exist as a class because D&D has until 3rd edition had inconsistent and janky rules for all kind of common adventuring tasks. Tracking? No idea. Stealth? No idea we uh got surprise rules lifted from wargames. Its...
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    What Flavor Is Your Owlbear?

    Last time I was in Neverwinter I had the Owl Bear roast at the Five Quills. Worst of both worlds, greasy, bearish, gamey, chicken'y with a slight sparkly carbonated note since it was a magical beast . Safe to eat? Sure. Not recommended at all. Great Tavern, good drinks, food and company...
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    I Am For The Darkmaster, Actually

    We were playing Rolemaster Standard System but it seems the time is pretty close.
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    I Am For The Darkmaster, Actually

    I own most of the HARP books in paper. Its a pretty solid system but like every game in that line and its cousins char gen can be slow. Last Rolemaster I played back in the late 90's we made 5th level (about 2 or 3 in AD&D 2e) starting characters. It took me half an hour to 45 minutes with a...
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    I Am For The Darkmaster, Actually

    I played Rolemaster nearly every time I got a chance not because of the rules which were decent enough but because its player base was one of the best I'd ever interacted with.
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    A supposedly great thing that I'll never watch again- Great media that left you cold

    Laughing At vs Laughing With is exactly the issue. IMO BBT Is laughing at nerds not with them and to me its rife with offensive stereotypes . A lot of people disagree but I'm not a purist so like what you like. Also there was a Tales from The Loop show? Huh. I'm more than a little out of...
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    A supposedly great thing that I'll never watch again- Great media that left you cold

    Minstrel Show. Ouch. I can't bring myself to hate any media. That would require me to be involved with it. I am therefore indifferent to media I don't like. I guess that qualifies as cold. Harry Potter is a good example, saw the first movie and was just "eh." after that. I can't blame other...