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Recent content by aco175

  1. aco175

    D&D General What have you done with Orcs in your games?

    They largely remain unchanged in my game. They tend to be monsters for killing. The PCs did frighten a group of them and ended up having one scout for them and then gave the sky tower to them after they killed the air cult, but were not surprised when the scout lost the tower to his chief...
  2. aco175

    D&D General Common gaming clichés (and how to subvert them)

    You all start off as prisoners in an underground jail cell with no memory of how you got there.... Maybe to speed this up, have a drow lackey sneak some of the PCs equipment to them and aid them in escaping so they can overthrow the captors. Unknown is that the lackey wants to take over the...
  3. aco175

    D&D 5E What do you want out of crafting rules?

    I would like some sort of daily, weekly, and maybe longer benefits. Maybe you can make a healing potion each day that only stays fresh for one day. This way you are encouraged to use it and you cannot make more than one. Maybe you can reroll an attack once per day since you have done...
  4. aco175

    D&D 5E DM Screens

    There are also single, rigid stands you could use, similar to what @jasper is saying, but seem more chaotic to me to have a couple on the table
  5. aco175

    D&D 5E Escaping a Wild Hunt

    You can have some spells act more powerful in the few realm. Plant growth could affect 2x the normal amount. You can also have a good encounter where mounts offer to aid the PCs. Maybe not flying, but intelligent enough to have something they need and offer trade.
  6. aco175

    D&D 5E DM Screens

    I just saw some on Amazon similar to Hammerdog, but not sure if quality is the same. The price was $20 vs $30 Hammerdog. I also see some Wyrmwood ones for $125 that have magnets in the wood that can hold pages.
  7. aco175

    I was a guest on a podcast!

    Good to you, cheers. Nice to see your being noticed.
  8. aco175

    D&D General New York Times article on D&D and lockdowns

    Interesting. It links to an earlier article about D&D and prison and loosely relates covid lockdown to prison.
  9. aco175

    D&D 5E What if healing spells only created Temp HP?

    I was thinking of a cool idea to have some sort of drug to symbolize the temp HP, then I thought of this from Batman.
  10. aco175

    D&D 5E What exactly is an "object" for purposes of the Reduce spell?

    It is odd that when used on a person, all their parts, i.e. clothes, weapons, armor, etc... shrink as well. When used on an object like a door, the DM asks which part you are trying for. I get the idea that it sucks when you shrink and are naked, similar to turning invisible and your...
  11. aco175

    Best Threequel

    I'll admit that I saw this, but not sure on if there is the best one. I did hear that this series was being remade as well.
  12. aco175

    D&D 5E Buff Your Boss Battles With Fantastic Lairs

    I was looking at the preview and liked that there are more lairs for lower level parties instead of 1 lair for each level up to 22. There are a couple level 3,5,7,8 etc and only 5-6 for levels 12+
  13. aco175

    D&D 5E D&D and Chain Restaurants: The Poll

    Since there is no Waffle House, I voted Denny's. It is hard to mess up breakfast food. Everyone likes it and you can have it for supper. Even when it is not great, it is fine and you know what you are getting since the menu does not change. Wow, it's been 25 years since I had Waffle House...
  14. aco175

    Best Threequel

    Matrix 3 was a good conclusion to the trilogy along with John Wick 3, but that was less story and more same killing. Then there is LotR Return of the King and even the Hobbit3. Battle of 5 armies which could have been shorter set of movies if they had gone by the books, but a bunch of other...
  15. aco175

    D&D General BULLYWUGS OF THE BOG! (D&D toys)

    I remember having several of these in elementary school. We dug one up in my parent's yard a few years ago expanding the flower bed. Most met Mr. BBGun in middle school and were destroyed.