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    General Alternatives to lich or vampire?

    I'm not sure how far you wish to go with that storyline, but it instantly have me some thoughts. Doing whatever it takes to get his house in order... Sounds like he needs a business partner or investor. You know, someone who for a small favour could help out with some trade deals. Keep hold of...
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    5E Artificer Multi-Class?

    I was considering adding a few levels of evoker to an artillerist for a campaign starting at 8th or 9th level. I concluded that the lack of high level spells was not worth it compared to just evoker, and the loss of infusions and other non-spell features was not worth it compared to just...
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    5E Wild Shape, travel & exhaustion

    Given that excess damage carries over, I don't see why everything wouldn't carry over. Exception for restraints that are suddenly too large to restrict or something along those lines.
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    5E Help with Mastercrafting "Short" (i.e. Simple) rules for armor and weapons

    @dnd4vr I tried making a post based on what you seemed to be looking for and asked for. I had very fun, but got carried away with worldbuilding aspects and such as well. In the end, there is no way I can describe it as short. That is why I took the whole original post, hid it behind the spoiler...
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    5E Help with Mastercrafting "Short" (i.e. Simple) rules for armor and weapons

    I agree with the sentiment here. It sounds interesting, but some clarification is needed. To the OP: My first question is, what is masterwork armor and weapons in a worldbuilding sense? In reality I think it is the single work done by a journeyman to prove that they possess the skill to get the...
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    5E Pact of the chain - how did it work out?

    I'm playing a pact of the chain warlock with a pseudodragon in Tomb of Annihilation. As others have said, it's decent for some roleplaying and exploration. However, my character now only keeps it around during rests and for explosion of small and relatively safe areas. There was simply one...
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    5E Yes, I know what RAW says, but, Effects of allowing Sneak Attack on Monk attacks.

    The main "problem" I would expect is that you might suddenly have rogues using melee weapons other than rapiers, shortswords, daggers or other weapons typically associated with swashbuckling, musketeers or similar inspirations for the rogue class. Previous replies have pointed out the possible...
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    5E Kate Welch has left WotC

    I wonder if the "not sure what comes next" part implies that she was fired or that she left because she wanted out of the company. That was my first impression. I hope that it is more of "there are so many opportunities available, I don't know which one to go for first."
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    5E Why do Armblades need Attunement?

    So the Lance can be an armblade while mounted, but stops qualifying and drops off as soon as you dismount?
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    5E Why do Armblades need Attunement?

    I guess it's a way to either represent it being a part of the body or a way to make it warforged only. I don't think I've seen any magic item with any restriction on who can use them that doesn't accomplish it though attunement. In short, I believe it's about enforcing "warforged only" rather...
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    5E Monk vs Warlock: Checking the Baseline

    While I didn't follow the "Monks suck" thread closely, it did seem to claim that monks were way behind warlocks in terms of DPR. This thread seems to be all about checking that (apparent) claim.
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    5E Monk vs Warlock: Checking the Baseline

    It is very useful for checking the recently made argument that monks are way behind on dealing damage over extended periods of time. Warlock is also a good comparison since both they and monk have a clearly limited resource per short rest and obvious ways to convert the resource into damage...
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    5E devil's sight plus light source (light spell, torches etc)

    Your interpretation is correct both RAW and RAI. There is a YouTube video where Crawford describes it. In that video, which I probably can't find, Crawford quotes a hypothetical warlock saying something along the lines of "douse the candle so that my patron grants me sight". So yes, the dim...
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    5E Homebrew modification of Sharpshooter: reasonably within line?

    Good points! Now, with my suggested feat I will still end up with 20 Dex at level 8 for the specific character the feat was designed for. The comparison of opportunity cost for the specific character is: +2 Str (12 instead of 10) vs Able to attack at 120 ft without disadvantage instead of 30 ft...
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    5E Homebrew modification of Sharpshooter: reasonably within line?

    At level 8: +8 to hit, 7 to 15 (average 11) damage per hit when using kensei's shot and not having the normal sharpshooter feat. If I instead take the normal sharpshooter feat or would be +7 to hit, 6 to 14 damage (average 10) when not using the extra damage. +2 to hit and average 20 damage per...