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    D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Review

    The meh is powerful in this one. :( It looks decidely inferior both to Phandelver and to the Essentials kit. And it does not even have the gimmicky quality of the (forgettable) Stranger Things starter set.
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    Free League announces Dragonbane, the translation of Swedish RPG classic Drakar och Demoner

    Understood. If they called RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha "cutting edge" they used the wrong word. To me it is rather a labor of love, showing that you can create a rich, immersive game that really works on the table by using tools that were around circa 1985. This is what they did. But...
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    Free League announces Dragonbane, the translation of Swedish RPG classic Drakar och Demoner

    Dunno what's your beef with Chaosium' but this came across as an unnecessary quip. Especially because, looking at their design choices with RQG, they're not even remotely trying to feel contemporary. They're just doing their own thing (with gorgeous art).
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    Modiphius Announce COHORS CTHULHU--Cthulhu in Ancient Rome!

    Lex Arcana is a beautiful game. I'd recommend its well researched and gorgeous sourcebooks to anyone interested in setting a campaign in the Roman era. As for Cohors it's a hard pass for me. With Lex Arcana, Cthulhu Invictus and BRP Rome I have more than enough Roman rpgs. I'll keep an eye on...
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    RuneQuest Starter Set: Played It Review of a Mythic World of Magic and Conflict

    That's the solo adventure. In the box there are three other scenarios meant to be played with a group and referee. It's a lot of stuff!
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    TSR TSR Is Back.... Again!

    Well, actually I'm exactly 50. I made myself older in the post. 😀 Yes, with all respect for Ward and Gygax Jr., that nostalgia boat has sailed around a decade ago.
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    TSR TSR Is Back.... Again!

    Gamer in his 50's here. I too find the whole operation very sad. It's not clear at all what are they supposed to bring back exactly from the good old days that has not already been brought back by the countless of "old school" rpgs that came out in the last decade or so, and they honestly do not...
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    Rivers of London RPG: An Interview

    The versions you mention are complex, but BRP can be very simple. This is the BRP core rules: Game Rules (Online SRD) – Basic Roleplaying An it's very, very simple. Call of Cthulhu (any edition) is also a version of BRP, and it's very simple. From what Lynne Hardy says, I get the impression...
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    Playtest Review of the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set

    My experience with the CoC7 starter set as an long time CoC player new to the 7th edition. Alone against the Flames. Played it two times, barely surviving. It is short but very atmospheric. Liked it a lot. A great way to learn how the new edition work. I have run Paper Chase for my son and he...
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    Enemy Within Part One: Enemy in Shadows - A Review

    Not a very informative review. It would be nice to know how much it deviates from the two original adventures it packs together (Mistaken Identity and Shadows over Bogenhafen). Being a "director's cut" one would like to know what has been changed. Also, the review makes it seem that the whole...
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    D&D General Gamer Stats From White Dwarf in the 80s

    Chaosium. It was based on their BRP system. Pretty cool game.
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    Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]

    I salute the first genuinely new thing done under the solid but hyper-conservative 5th edition. After revisiting classic modules (Ravenloft, Temple of Elemental Evil, Against the Giants, Undermountain, the classic dungeons book) and dwelling in the classic setting of the forgotten Realms...
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    The Witcher Cover, Art, Info & Q&A Announced!

    No playable halflings? I wanted to play a halfling surgeon! "Sew red to red, yellow to yellow, white to white and everything will be alright!"
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    Mythological Figures: Daedalus (5E)

    The correct spelling is "Daedalus", "Daedelus" is incorrect. The entry uses a mix of the two, but mostly the wrong one.
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    Mythological Figures: Daedelus (5E)

    The correct spelling is "Daedalus", "Daedelus" is incorrect. The entry uses a mix of the two, but mostly the wrong one.