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    ZEITGEIST One shots and side quests.

    In terms of cultural biases and bigotry and diversity, I think you did fine with Elfaivar and the Akela Sathi; you present facts and situations, solutions people have created to resolved problems, and a person (Kasvarina) with an attitude regarding them- and left it to the GM and the table to...
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    ZEITGEIST My Players Stole the Wand Smuggler's Money (Pathfinder)

    Can I ask where you got the figure of '160,000gp' from? All I can find is a quote saying that Nilasa Hume was going to spend 'tens of thousands' in the wands, a far cry from a whopping 160k. (EDIT: Nevermind, I found the 160k figure.) If you want 'consequences'- well, Book 3 features an audit...
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    ZEITGEIST Rakshasas

    Well, let's see. I'll assume you've thoroughly read through Book 8; my plot links up a lot of small details (Ingatan being a knowledge-god, why the weretigers are hanging around her temple, etc). Rewind to ancient times. Ingatan is a god devoted to accumulating knowledge. They use divination to...
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    ZEITGEIST Rakshasas

    You put in some groundwork for the plot, Ranger, which is fairly laudable. In my own game, I went to the extreme of creating a whole plot & backstory for Hewanharimau and Ingatan. That probably helped set up 'deceptive creatures reincarnate into rakshasas/tiger-forms'. I could detail the plot &...
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    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Fey Sickness

    I believe in either the ap or one of Ryan Knocks threads it's explained that it was all three at once. The eroded pillar, Kasvarinas experiment, the eagle dying- all three. Presumably before this happened, Av was a perfectly normal air plane and dragons flew about easily with its energies.
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    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Fey Sickness

    GMs, Zeit writers- I bring you a theory, some Deep Lore. But first, the story of how I found it. Zeitgeist. My party and I start it, and start running it. A crucial issue at the beginning of the AP: *industry vs the fey in Risur*. We nod sagely and RP appropriately as we mosey on through the...
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    ZEITGEIST Art for Captain Thrusty

    With my party having reached Hunlow, I thought I would share some art I whipped up for the one the only, the master of all elf slaves, the corpulent fiend too corrupted for even the Golden Legion- Captain Thrusty.
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    [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.

    Ooh, my party will reach this point in a session or two. Should be good to see how it works out... I might pinch a little of your narration, just warning you. My personal theory is that the Demonocracy are freed former Golden Legionnaires. Once the Axis Ritual was enacted, the chains fell off...
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    ZEITGEIST A debate given form: new statted-plane handouts for Schism

    Reading through Schism, I immediately had a problem with the Convocation debate, one posters have had previously. No firm planes are discussed, merely 'plane with an aspect of cyclicality' or 'lawful elemental planes'. I decided to be ambitious with my own version; every faction would be able to...
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    ZEITGEIST Party Motivations in Books 7-9: Why do they fight?

    My group are two sessions into Schism, and we're running into problems. I'm not here to discuss most of them- 'how can you debate planes without listing their full stats and just going by aspects', 'how can you take a faction from a forum thread and then swap out half its planes', 'why is the Ob...
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    ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) Lost Threads: Can a Tiger Change his Stripes?

    Heyo. In Act 2, there's a pretty clear 'dropped thread', potentially a rather interesting one, concerning the Children of Hewanharimau. Betronga is defensive of Ingatan’s Refuge. Though his people do not worship Ingatan specifically, they know this place is holy. They believe that, though most...
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    ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) Catch a Falling Star?

    Wotcher, me again. In the Zeitgeist universe, stars seem to fall a lot. How, and why? What are they? Arsenal of Dhebisu The greatest warrior of her day snatched a falling star and used it to slay a rakshasa. Skyseer Vision of Avilona You float, the constellation Draco beside you, and beneath...
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    ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) Secrets of the Skull

    Afternoon, all. I come with two questions. The words carved into the stock of Kvarti Gorbatiy's gun; "Cry out/for at the end of time/I Rise." What do they refer to? The Lich in Knutpara? Why are the same words carved into the skull of Cheshimox?
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    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Giving back to the community (in meme form)

    I feel a little guilty sometimes. I take and take from this community- asking questions on forums, taking all the maps and asking for more, searching everywhere for further clarifying details on this brilliant AP. Well, not today. Today I give back. In meme form!
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    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Down with the Cow

    My party's at book 6 and they're far from enamored with his Bruseness, Shantus. They'd rather like a regime change. The problem is that, as far as I can tell, the only mechanism is Tinker managing to assassinate the Bruse in his ambush. Anything else seems like a regime-destabilizing...