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    Level Up [+] What features should a "Advanced 5E" have?

    Late to the party here, but I want more granularity in skills. Either a subskill system using the existing list of skills, or a longer list of skills - say, half again as many skills. Similarly, I want more granularity in languages. More languages, sub-languages, ancient vs modern, etc. I...
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    Check Out This Conan Character Sheet (Pad)

    Looking again at the sheet, is it common in the game for characters to have only two weapons? Is that a setting-thematic thing the system enforces?
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    An Official Hellboy RPG Is Coming!

    Well, you can't really blame them for bolting an IP onto the most popular tabletop role-playing game, that one of their subsidiaries conveniently publishes. ;) And who knows, maybe one or more of the new features in this game will become wildly popular and make its way into 5E/6E/whatever.
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    General Do you care how about "PC balance"?

    This exactly. I worry about it as a DM, i.e. in my players interests, but not when I'm a player myself. As a player, I try to make a character who fills a niche no one else is filling and that is also something I've either never played and am excited to try or know how to play really well...
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    An Official Hellboy RPG Is Coming!

    I dig me some Hellboy, but mostly this excites me because of the new bits and pieces I can pick from it for use in more standard-fantasy 5E games. If this becomes available as D&D Beyond content, I will probably buy it there, for my players.
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    Check Out This Conan Character Sheet (Pad)

    For a character sheet with a lot of detailed design/art, it is remarkably uncluttered. I'm impressed.
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    Which Non-D&D TSR Game Would You Like to See WotC Revive?

    I seem to be in a minority: I picked my favorite Star Wars rpg, Top Secret, Marvel, and Buck Rogers!
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    6E (+) New Edition Changes for Inclusivity (discuss possibilities)

    Detaching proficiencies from race would near the top of my list of relatively quick-and-easy changes. The term "subrace" always seems way too close to the term "sub-human" to me, but regardless if we aren't using "race" then I'd say definitely lose "subrace" as well. It gets pretty far from...
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    5E Would you be happy with fixed damage?

    I'd be fine with this, assuming a critical success still did more damage.
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    Upcoming Arthurian Movie The Green Knight Has An RPG

    Huh. I don't know, "SIR gaWAIN and the GREEN knight" rolls off my tongue perfectly fine, and that's how I've been mispronouncing it my whole life! ;)
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    5E Making a 5E Variant I *Want* To Play (+thread)

    FWIW, these are definitely not true for me. I'm very visually-oriented, so I first have to consciously convert the pips to numbers, and then add the numbers. I don't instantly see the numbers, and it is definitely not faster than an eye-blink. I'm not alone in this, either. Looking at 2 dice...
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    5E Making a 5E Variant I *Want* To Play (+thread)

    #1 I'm not a fan of penalizing characters/players, especially when they already aren't great at something, but I think overall the positive effects of this might outweigh the negatives. #4 I think every class should get something cool at every level, other than just more hit points. Since...
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    WotC Dungeons & Dragons Fans Seek Removal of Oriental Adventures From Online Marketplace

    Using material from less well-known, less popularized eras and subcultures of these regions would be a good way to get away from the stereotypes. On a semi-side note: please, lord, give me the material for running a campaign based on one of those enormous Chinese sailing ships!
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    General D&D Settings with No Problematic Areas?

    As a class in D&D, clerics don't needs gods. Ancestor reverence, animism, and other spiritual forces could be used as the source/explanation of a cleric's power. And monks definitely don't need gods or religious sects.
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    5E D&D Beyond Player Tools app is now live!

    I've been running a 5E game over at Roll20 for 3+ months now, and D&D Beyond has become even more useful than before: I can have every players full character sheet open in its own tab, a tab on the home page for doing searches, and a tab for their encounter builder, to run encounters I've...