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    5E Marilith reactive thingy

    If she's fighting 31 opponents. A reaction can only be used in response to someone else attacking you (or some other sort of action), so she could only react once per round and then only to make an opportunity attack or to parry. Parry is the only ability listed under her reaction section...
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    5E Making Best Use of Vision Impairing Spells

    There was a 3e feat(?) that allowed archers to make an attack against an area and whatever was in that area had to make a Reflex save or take damage; the greater the number of archers the more the damage (and the higher the DC of the save?). It's certainly possible to home-brew something like...
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    5E Making Best Use of Vision Impairing Spells

    One of the best uses I've found for spells that blind opponents is to pair them with a spell that also creates difficult or damaging terrain before enemies get to you. This requires two casters (since both spells require concentration) but if you can bottleneck opponents, then cast darkness and...
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    General Survivor 5E Monstrosities (H-S) OWLBEAR WINS!

    Whoops! I haven't finished my coffee yet.
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    5E What to do about Hypnotic Pattern?

    The only thing I would add is that you should enjoy their failures also (and I think you alluded to this). I'm not talking PC death or TPK (though those can lead to epic RP moments), just that when the players fall flat on their faces is when they can really shine. Success isn't defined by how...
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    General Survivor 5E Monstrosities (H-S) OWLBEAR WINS!

    Hydra 14-2=12 (unoriginal and not nearly as terrifying as the mythic creature) Medusa 8 Mimic 5 Owlbear 12 Purple Worm 13 Remorhaz 6 Rust Monster 11+1=12 (original, weird, and a great way for the DM to erase some of his mistakes) [edited for a math error]
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    5E Revenge is best served cold (looking for inspiration)

    1. Acererak kidnaps a couple of babies (probably through the use of henchmen/servants), making sure one of them is somewhere near the PCs. 2. Acererak gets information to the PCs (maybe through a henchmen or by letting someone follow the kidnappers) that the baby (the only one the PCs know of)...
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    5E Most incongruent character

    I was part of a 3.5e campaign that started at 4th level. I rolled up a half-orc barbarian with 1 level of sorcerer. None of the other players knew the barbarian could cast spells and he never gave any indication that he had any sort of magic ability (by the way, I had written up a long backstory...
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    3E/3.5 The 20th Anniversary of 3rd Edition D&D

    Sorry to be the grumpy, old Fatbeard here, but most of my observations about the changes wrought by 3e are negative. Sure, 1st and 2nd edition were clunky and quirky, but I saw that as a feature not a bug. I can understand the appeal of a streamlined rule system (especially for new players)...
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    5E Next session a character might die. Am I being a jerk?

    If the PCs killed a noble's child and the noble came after them, would you have the same concerns about being a jerk? Actions have consequences. In a magical world where people you murder might come back as vengeful undead or have high-level uncles who can use divination magic to find out what...
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    5E Conundrum: Ranged attack sequence/cover bonus for players

    You're doing it right. The monster are basically doing an Australian Peel (technically an Australian Peel on a two-man front). The only issue might be if you don't allow the players the same opportunity if the tables are turned. If they are fighting a BBEG and want to use the same tactic, you...
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    General Custom Dice Curve

    2d4, then if you roll a pair of 4s you get to roll an additional d4. That should give you a bell curve with a high point at 5 and a 1 in 16 chance for each value from 9-12
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    5E Best and Worst Damage Types

    The one thing about fire damage is that you don't even need to be a spell caster to use it. A few flasks of oil and a torch and you can set things ablaze. That's important for a low magic setting. The downside to fire damage is that it can get out of hand in certain places (urban areas and on...
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    5E Sanctuary useless?

    Cast it on a familiar, then have the familiar use the help action to give your primary damage-dealer advantage on his attack rolls. Against a low-wisdom enemy (or several) it keeps the 1 hp familiar from being squished and it can do a whole lot more than a familiar normally does in combat.
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    5E Your Favorite 5e Houserule

    Ability score limitations (usually raising to 20 through an ASI, but also certain legendary items or artifacts) refer to the ability before racial adjustments. So a half-orc can use ASIs to raise his Strength score to 20, or a tiefling can raise his Charisma score to 22.