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  1. AsherVance

    Pathfinder 1E Eberron Giantslayer

    The passengers mingled for another half hour, chatting with one another. Dishes were cleaned up, and the table was wiped down. Omast returned with some armor and weapons and he, Kurst and Roderik headed above decks. Aemon disappeared into his room for a nap, and soon snoring could be heard...
  2. AsherVance

    Pathfinder 1E Eberron Giantslayer

    This is my Story Hour of the Giantslayer adventure path (PF 1e) set in Eberron. We are playing it as a PBP over at Paizo. The cast of characters is: Jacynta Laringfass - a female halfling Hunter 1 from Sylbaran in the Eldeen Reaches. (Portrait) "You know why I like animals better than people...