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    General The Brilliance of the Original Gygaxian Multiverse

    There was definitely a weird-pulp-horror-sci-fantasy mash up going on at the beginning of D&D. Temple of The Frog (DA2) is the best exemple of that. Vance's Dying Earth (1950-1966 novels) and others must have been a great influence. In those days mixing genres was very common. I didn't have any...
  2. atanakar

    General How Was Your Last Session?

    Very short. Two of the players couldn't log in the Skype game until 8h30 and we stopped at 10h15. I'm used to 4 hours. We put the game on hiatus until September when people are less busy Friday nights. Maybe we can meet face to face.
  3. atanakar

    How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last?

    How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last? This includes VTT games. You can make multiple votes. My sessions usually last 4 hours. But lately they have gone down to 2.5 hours due to a complicated schedule.
  4. atanakar

    General DM Pause?

    I've paused my campaign until September. After trying it DMing online not really my thing. Hope we can meet face to face in September.
  5. atanakar

    5E Mythic Odysseys of Theros on DNDBeyhond

    Thank you for this comparison. I don't usually buy settings but I will buy the Odyssey of the Dragonlords now that we can compare.
  6. atanakar

    Here's What's Available For Free RPG Day

    How many stores will be able to allow face-to-face games on July 25th due to Covid-19? Also, stores in my region of Canada (Montreal) haven't participated in the last two years. They have to pay to get the box of free stuff and the sales of rpgs aren't so good anymore. You have a typo: «what...
  7. atanakar

    General How much dice do you own?

    The edges of my d20 became so rounded it didn't stop rolling until it fell from the table.
  8. atanakar

    5E Hypothetical 50th Anniversary Core Rulebooks

    I don't agree that it will be a 5e product for the 50th anniversary. Making 6e would spoil the mystery since they would have to announce it two years in advance. I voted no new books. Certainty : A limited edition gold set of polyhedral dice. A 50th pencil distributed in flgs. An Adventure...
  9. atanakar

    5E Remove feats and replace as magic items

    In editions prior to 3e characters mostly gained power via magic items. We often described our character by what items they had, the same way players described their 3e+ characters with feats. Class Talents were few are far between. ASI were done by finding Tomes of [Attribute], Wizards were...
  10. atanakar

    General How much dice do you own?

    Tricky question. I voted 50-100. Could be more. I'm not compulsive on dice. I am with D&D miniatures. One can never have enough D&D minis. Make a poll with that! Just RPG dice I would say I own 5-6 polyhedral dice sets. I own a set of FFG narrative dice and X-Wing icon dice. I also own lots of...
  11. atanakar

    5E Does anyone else suffers from setting paralysis?

    The other option is to create with the help of the players a strong story concept of the type of campaign that will motivate you. After that choose a setting(s) that fits the concept. Example: During the 2e era we had this idea of ships that could skim10 feet over desert sand. We decided the...
  12. atanakar

    5E Does anyone else suffers from setting paralysis?

    Just create your own home-brew setting. Start small with an adventure. Don't need to write an encyclopedia to get the dice rolling. Create and fill the regions as you go along using the ideas your players bring to the table or ideas that pop in you head while you DM.
  13. atanakar

    Best RPG star sector

    Starfire. It does have a detailed setting. I play the hex game once or twice a year with a house roule version of 2e.
  14. atanakar

    General DM Pause?

    One of the players has offered to do a one-shot of the latest edition of Dark Eye. He plays it with another group. Really looking forward to play and try this system.