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    Generate a One Page Dungeon with One Click!

    Awesome! 8D
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    Lone Wolf (Hero Lab) Lays Off Staff

    Just be careful and backup regularly. Online Services that stopped support, often are taken offline shortly afterwards. I hope for all the users, that this is't the case here, but better safe than sorry.
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    Secret Advantages of the Essential Kit

    Btw. Anyone here tried the Adventures out?
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    Secret Advantages of the Essential Kit

    The Essential Kit is awesome! A Sandbox Adventure up to Level 6, Rules with Character Generation including Bard and 2 Subclasses each, Cards for Items/Companions/Initiative/.., Dice Set with a second D20 and 4d6, a double Sided Map and Rules for Companions. 8D But what I didn't know is that...
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    5E New Eberron Book Details From WotC

    That sounds awesome! 8D But I am confused how this book compares to the other Eberron release from last year.
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    5E Weapon +x as Focus?

    Thank you!
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    5E Weapon +x as Focus?

    Just a short question. If I use a +x Weapon that I can also use as a Focus (like a Staff as a Wizard/Druid/.. or a regular Weapon as a College of Swords Bard), do I get the Bonus to Spell Attacks?
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    Warlock as Full Caster

    I love the Warlock. But the 2 Spells per Short Rest for the most of his Career is frustrating, especially if you have a Campaign where Short Rests are not much more common than long Rest (Overland Travel). Then it just hit me .. why not swap out the Short Rest Slots to the typical...
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    Concealment Confusion / How to use Fog Cloud

    How do I use Fog Cloud to protect myself from Ranged Attackers? It seems that if I cast it on the enemies they gain Disadvantage (they cannot see me) but also Advantage (I cannot see them) which results in a normal Attack. The same is true if I cast it over ourself or in between. Did I...
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    [5e] Druid with high Physical Attributes

    I want to play a Firbolg Druid, that has never seen any other humanoid before (more or less raised by animals and fey). The thing is, Firbolgs are really big (7 to 8 foot) and I want to represent this in his stats, so I have the following (including Racial Stats .. +1 Str, +2 Wis): Str: 14...
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    5E D&D Beyond .. homebrew Item

    How can you add a new non-magical Item (Like a Statue worth 500 GP) in the D&D Beyond Character Generator?
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    5E D&D Beyond - Adventures

    Since D&D Beyond already has the Tomb of Annihilation, I would be interested to see how Adventures look in this Service. But I could find no Video (only found useless Marketing or Character Builder ones) or free Adventure to get a good look. So could anyone describe the posibilities and...
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    Monk/Druid Multiclass Confusion

    A friend of mine is a bit frustrated with his Monk (but mainly because of his awful luck ;) ) and is wondering if multiclassing to a Moon Druid would be a good Idea. He asked me what he could use in animal form and what would stack, which I couldn't answer... Unarmored defense, Martial arts...
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    5E When to use Shove and Grapple

    My group had a small Rules Discussion and we thought to ask the collective Wisdom of ENWorld. :) When can you substitute an Attack for a Shove or Grapple? It's clear that you can change your normal Attacks (even part of Multi-Attack) to them, but what about Bonus Action Attacks like the ones...