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  1. Baumi

    WotC Adventure Begins: A New Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame

    That looks awesome. A Board Game where you have to do more Roleplay than with an RPG. Dance off, Rhyme battle and describing your attacks and death blows... 8D
  2. Baumi

    5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    I do and love it :) But I don't use it for every campaign, Card Management for Example is easier in Roll20 and some Systems have great support so much less work then creating that stuff in Maptools. But overall it is free, fast (local computer), no space limitations (again local Computer) and...
  3. Baumi

    5E Playing DnD online

    D&D Beyond had a great Article about it: New Player's Guide: How to Play D&D Online I personally use Roll20 in combination with Discord (Video if possible). But I actually prefer the free maptool ( MapTool ) to Roll20 .. it's not only free (open source) but has much more features (good...
  4. Baumi

    5E Wand of the Warmage vs. Rod of the Pactkeeper

    Pact Keeper is IMHO better, but works only on Warlock spells. So it depends on where you get your most important Attack Spells from.
  5. Baumi

    Happy International GM's Day!

    Happy GMs Day to everyone! 8D
  6. Baumi

    5E Where is the content?

    Wow that's an really impressive Speed! 8D We need 1-2 Years for an Hardcover (at the moment 50+ Session in Out of the Abyss and in Dungeons of the Madman we are still in Level 1 after 4 Sessions) :) If you rush so quick through a mayor Adventure, than it might really be a cool Idea (from a...
  7. Baumi

    5E Stat-Block-style Character Sheet

    I think it's for Expertise (it's a bard). It looks like you should only list those things you have proficience for and can mark special skills (like expertise).
  8. Baumi

    5E Stat-Block-style Character Sheet

    Nice one. Great for Pre-Gens 8D
  9. Baumi

    Crowdfunding News: Altered Carbon, Hunter: The Vigil 2e, Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, and more

    The Level up mini-Table is really interesting. 8D I wanted to bake Decuma, but not getting the Tarrot Cards digitally is an absolute Deal-Breaker. :(
  10. Baumi

    General Quick challenges

    A nice trick for the Big Bad is to have Stages (as in Video-Games), where it transformes itself after been "defeated" which need a completely new Strategy to defeat. But it is important that each Stage doesn't take too long. Example: An obvious demon-Child that hurts them psychically and has...
  11. Baumi

    General Quick challenges

    It's one of these great subsystems that can easily be adapted for any system (like 4E's Skill Challenges or 13th. Age One-Unique-Things). Btw. the whole Chapter (2 pages) is freely available from their Website: Adventure Edition Preview: Quick Encounters (#SWADE) | Pinnacle Entertainment Group
  12. Baumi

    General Quick challenges

    The new Savage Worlds Adventurer Edition has a "Quick Encounter" Chapter just because of that reason. The Autor often GMs on Conventions with less than an hour time, but still want to do more that just one combat. The Rules are actually extremely simpel and work for any encounter .. Combat...
  13. Baumi

    Made my first gaming table!

    Awesome! Congratulations on finishing such a project. 8D What I never understood is why do gaming tables always have the center of the table lower than the border. What is the reason for this?
  14. Baumi

    General Eberron - Big Events for the next Decades

    Awesome! There is really no shortage of great Ideas here! 8D
  15. Baumi

    5E Concentration mechanic can ruin plots in adventures

    Ok, the HPs certainly sucks for that level. :) But his other stats are actually quite good and as a Spellcaster he should still be very dangerous if played smart.