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Recent content by Benjamin Olson

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    General Dragonlance's Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman Are Suing WotC for Breach of Contract

    Yeah, they used some serious weasel language on that. And then outright said that it was clearly less successful than Middle Earth, so actually they can't argue that it is the most successful because they've stipulated that it is at most the second most successful. But to me what is important...
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    General Dragonlance's Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman Are Suing WotC for Breach of Contract

    Legal fun fact: Unless WotC specifically objects to the assertion that "their Dragonlance World of Krynn is arguably the most successful and popular world in shared fiction" then for the purposes of this case it is legally considered to be true. As for the merits of the case, under the fact...
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    5E Paladin/Hexblade+Options

    While I think it's certainly fine to ban character races not represented in your world, if there are Tritons in the setting then it seems unfair to put a blanket ban on players playing them. What I would suggest instead is telling the player that Tritons have a particular place in your setting...
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    5E A new spell for review

    It would benefit from having more specific language on the casting time, as reaction spells generally lay out specific circumstances in the casting time. Shield for example is "1 reaction which you take when you are hit by an attack or targeted by the magic missile spell" which is probably...
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    5E Jeremy Crawford Discusses Details on Custom Origins

    I don't see how any of this has any bearing on the "point of classes".
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    5E Material components

    I tend to obsess over what my own character's hands are doing and tend to play a lot of spellsword types, so I keep track of whether they are slinging a wand, drawing from a component pouch, or not on a particular turn, as that is a hand that is not holding a weapon. Priced components have to...
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    5E Suggestion spell, AKA: the importance of session zero(ish) discussions with your DM

    I know. Thank goodness I got an email notification about that "." or I might have missed that whole point.
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    Rewatching the Batman movies

    For god's sake don't watch it sober!
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    Rewatching the Batman movies

    I kind of like Batman and Robin. It is not merely a bad movie; it's a spectacularly bad movie. "So bad it's good" is obviously a highly subjective but I think the key is being something outlandishly awful that fails in myriad, baffling ways in rapid enough succession to be entertaining. I...
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    General Who coined the phrase "murder hobo"

    Both types of historical evidence are problematic in their own ways and "true historians" don't have a blanket preference. But no historian would prefer an assertion that something was true about language usage to an actual recorded instance of someone using it.
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    5E Should the Hexblade Patron be Banned?

    I don't care for them. It creates a single stat character who can do a lot of things. The goodies are so front-loaded it becomes an overly attractive dip. One level is all you need to solve the MADness of a Paladin or martial Bard. And lorewise it really doesn't make much sense. Powerful...
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    General Who coined the phrase "murder hobo"

    Well, technically it did exist before the 90s, but that history is really neither here nor there as nobody is searching pre-90s internet. While predating the internet would explain the origins not being revealed by internet research, it wouldn't explain how the term would not be attested in...
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    General Who coined the phrase "murder hobo"

    While I find it very likely that comparable terms have been in the common parlance since "the 80's" or whenever people remember, it seems highly dubious that the particular variant "murder hobo" which seems to use "murder" as an adjective would have become the dominant form without...
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    5E Sell my Party on a Cleric

    If they don't want to play a cleric that's fine. The party will be fine without. But, in terms of what makes them actually good in 5e I would say that it is: 1. They get the most spells prepared because they get as many as a Druid or Wizard and then also get a bunch of Domain spells. The...
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    Change the name to Dungeons OR Dragons

    Better than downsizing it to dung and a drag I suppose.