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Recent content by Berandor

  1. Berandor

    General Advice to starting adventurers

    Hej, my character for a future Eberron campaign is supposed to be a really nice and naive guy. So I thought his foster parents, not-so-nice but well-traveled folks, might have given him a list of things to look out for when adventuring. I'm looking for advice pertainung to classic situations...
  2. Berandor

    Classic Genre films to show my brother?

    I'm currently in the process of helping my brother attain somewhat of a cinephile credíbility. Despite not reading very much, it seems he also does not watch a lot of movies (I regret both). My brother is 16 years old, on the shy, nerdy side but also very much a sixteen-year-old (so I think...
  3. Berandor

    Hey, MichaelMorris! (not urgent)

    I love the new post time feature showing how much time has elapsed since the last post, instead of showing just the time when it was posted! Now go and grab some sleep! :)
  4. Berandor

    3.5 reference sheets online?

    Hi! I am working on an article for useful tricks and tips for beginning DMs. Within, I wanted to suggest using Alex Wilson's reference sheets for quick reference. However, the download doesn't work; a similar utility in the ENWorld downloads was equally not working. Has anybody a functioning...
  5. Berandor

    Roger Ebert on review ratings

    He gave "Stepford Wives" 3 stars, "Life Aquatic" 2.5 stars Well, I can see how you'd regard a film that tries to do something and fails as a bigger understatement than a film that does what it sets out to do. But imo, and when I write movie reviews, I try to make my ratings comparable so that...
  6. Berandor

    Monsters and Power Attack

    According to the SRD, "an unarmed strike is always a light weapon". A light weapon cannot be enhanced with Power Attack. What about monsters who have natural attacks and power attack? What if they only have one attack dealing +1.5x Str damage? I assume they can use Power Attack as normal...
  7. Berandor

    Tactics question (my players - out!)

    I didn't think Rules or Rogues' Gallery fit my question, so I'm posting it here. My players are sooon going to meet and fight hobgoblins. Now, IMC (as I'm sure in many others), hobgoblins resemble Roman legionnaires (sp?). That means they have a decent grasp of tactics and strategy. Whom are...
  8. Berandor

    EN World self-appreciation thread

    Post here to say thank you to yourself! Thank you, Berandor, for being on EnWorld.
  9. Berandor

    Contacting EN Publishing?

    Hi! I just wrote a review of "Tournaments, Fairs & Taverns" for the German website dnd-gate.de. The site admin usually sends a short English summary to the publishers of English product that is reviewed, but I couldn't find any contact info on your website. Where should he send the summary...
  10. Berandor

    What Actors/Actresses can save a bad movie for you?

    Now, there are good actors, and bad ones. There are also actors/actresses who have a bad track record, but always try (and sometimes manage) to elevate a bad movie to something better. These actors/actresses shine in almost any part, and sometimes save a movie experience by their effort alone...
  11. Berandor

    Dungeon Adventure Path - Questions [spoilers]

    Hi! I'm currently preparing to run the Dungeon Adventure Path (AP) with our group (ETA ~1 month). Before I continue, however, I want to clearly dissuade every prospective player from reading. Spoilers will be encouraged! So, I'll set the AP in the FR, on the eastern end of Tethyr, to be...
  12. Berandor

    Time Limit in Combat Rounds: Yes, or No?

    So, we've all but finished our Ravenloft campaign, and it seems as if I'll be DMing again next (the Dungeon Path, if you're interested, as that is exactly what the other players aren't in AU). I am considering imposing a time limit during combat rounds, e.g. 1 minute (or 3) to state one's...
  13. Berandor

    Where is that thread when you need it?

    O.k., I tried to search for it, but I seem to have the wrong keywords. There was this thread that was basically just a collection of links to other threads, a DM treasury, so to speak. I *think* CMG Mark started the thread and updated it when an interesting discussion about DM'ing took place...
  14. Berandor

    So... tell me about Otherland

    I've nearly finished the first book in Tad Williams' "Otherland"-cycle. I must say I like it, but I do not love it. And I'm weary to invest in a whole series of books, seeing as I got burned more often than not. Is there anyone out here who read at least book two, maybe the whole series? Is it...
  15. Berandor

    Catwoman is gonna rule the world

    ... or not. http://www.themoviebox.net/movies/2004/0-9ABC/Catwoman/clip/ The costume looks even worse on film (than on a picture)!