Looking to join a new group. Newish to Detroit area, haven't played since I moved here. I've been GM more than a player. Back in high school/college ran DnD 2nd and 3.0, Mage Ascension 1E, Rifts, and briefly Traveler. Ran an Exalted campaign before I moved out here that lasted about a year and a half.

I'm willing to learn a new system, I do pick up and read through the rules book for any system I play. Recently picked up the Mage Awakening 2E and got Exalted 3 when it came out. Still have my old books lying around for various systems but I doubt anyone is running those; though it appears Rifts hasn't changed much.

Might consider running a game if there are local players looking for a GM, but primarily looking to join as a player.
West Bloomfield


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