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    D&D General UPDATE: this isn't greenlit : Jeff Grubb's Lost Mystara Sourcebook To Be Released

    I wish that Jeff Grubb would run a Patron campaign, similar to the one that Keith Baker runs to create free Eberron content, and put some new Spelljammmer content up. :)
  2. Big Mac

    D&D General UPDATE: this isn't greenlit : Jeff Grubb's Lost Mystara Sourcebook To Be Released

    It doesn't mean anything of the sort. This 2nd Edition AD&D manuscript got sent to Vaults of Pandius (the official Mystara fansite) in 2017 and they have been working for four years on getting approval, from WotC to get this released, as well as tidying it up and making sure that Jeff Grubb is...
  3. Big Mac

    D&D 5E Spelljammer in 5e

    Do you have any of your ship designs online anywhere?
  4. Big Mac

    D&D 5E Spelljammer in 5e

    5th Edition isn't my thing (I'd rather play 3rd Edition D&D) but I would definitely buy a 5e Spelljammer product. There are a lot of loose ends in the Spelljammmer universe and it would be good to see a Spelljammmer friendly designer expand upon some of those original concepts. You might want...
  5. Big Mac

    WotC Comparing EN World's Demographics to the D&D Community's

    Hi Morrus, Can you please point me at some instructions for blocking ENWorld from passing data about me to Google. I assume you are injecting some of their code, in order to assist them creating shadow profiles of your users. I would like to block that, but obviously not ENWorld itself.
  6. Big Mac

    Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?

    Spelljammer's crystal spheres are not parallel Material Planes. They are all part of a single Material Plane (along with the Phlogistion, which is also part of the Material Plane). Mike Mearls reconfirmed this SJ canon, in two recent back-to-back D&D Beyond video about the Illithids and the...
  7. Big Mac

    Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?

    Confirmed (accidentally) by Mike Meals, when he replied to Jeff Grubb on Facebook: Unless this conversation was some sort of convoluted lie by Jeff Grubb, meant to trick us into thinking that Spelljammer was not being made, it means that WotC have not yet started work on a Spelljammer product.
  8. Big Mac

    Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?

    It's been confirmed that WotC are not working on a Spelljammer book...yet. :) But I think we will continue to get Spelljammer namechecks in products during the buildup to the time when they are publishing a Spelljammer product.
  9. Big Mac

    Two Days Left To Vote For Most Anticipated RPG of 2018!

    None of the above. I'm waiting to see if Wizard of the Coast will bring back an out of print D&D campaign setting (and then open that setting up on DMs Guild).
  10. Big Mac

    EONS #56: Incident at ICEREACH-1

    Nice work RobJN! :-)
  11. Big Mac

    Frank Mentzer Reveals More About World of Empyrea

    That Aquaria forum (Aquaria is the original name of the Empyrea setting) is several years old now, and Frank has answered quite a few questions about the earlier products. There might be some changes with the new Kickstarter (over and above removing any TSR IP) but it's worth having a look...
  12. Big Mac

    Converting monsters from Dragon magazine

    My friend AuldDragon has been updating DMGR4 Monster Mythology deities to the Faiths & Avatars style format, for part of his Monster Mythology Update Project. I wonder if he has any idea what sort of deity King Ythog-Nthlei and his priests might serve.
  13. Big Mac

    Current Conversion Requests

    Is Malatra: The Living Jungle within the remit of this project? There is someone, called apotheot asking about a partially statted Malatra monster, called a Belok, which appears in a RPGA LJ adventure called Mantu's Sacrifice. It apparently isn't in Echohawk's monster index, so I'm wondering if...
  14. Big Mac

    Classic D&D of All Eras Back In Print

    I honestly think that the only way to deal with maps is to find a PoD supplier (other than Lighting Source) that can ship Print on Demand posters and give people a separate "Buy the map" button. The same applies to the other funky weirdness that TSR put into boxed sets. I don't think it is...