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    5E Pact of the chain - how did it work out?

    The best character my wife ever played was a Tabaxi Celestial Chain Warlock named Felinna with an Imp familiar named Luna. Because Felinna got her powers from a unicorn, Luna wore a plush unicorn outfit. As Felinna had eldrich spear, the invocation doubling the range of eldrich bolt, Felinna...
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    WotC What anime franchises could be adapted into D&D?

    I bet a Cowboy Bebop Spelljammer campaign would be fun. See you space wizard.
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    WotC What anime franchises could be adapted into D&D?

    「Flight」, 「Magic Caster’s Blessing」, 「Infinity Wall」, 「Magic Ward: Holy」, 「Life Essence」, 「Greater Full Potential」, 「Freedom」, 「False Data: Life」, 「See Through」, 「Paranormal Intuition」, 「Greater Resistance」, 「Mantle of Chaos」, 「Indomitability」, 「Sensory Boost」, 「Greater Luck」, 「Magic Boost」...
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    WotC What anime franchises could be adapted into D&D?

    Goblin Slayer is the best D&D anime since Lodos War, and I will never ever recommend it to anyone.
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    5E The Warlord shouldn't be a class... change my mind!

    Attaching a subclass to a fighter and calling it a warlord is like bringing a sex doll into the bedroom and calling it a threesome. It works out mechanically but it just doesn't feel the same, and it certainly isn't official.
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    5E The "everyone at full fighting ability at 1 hp" conundrum

    I 100% agree with you. That's why I went with Final Fantasy 2/4 because that is the American release where the series visibly steered away from being a direct D&D game. D&D had a tremendous influence on the development of videogames (and still does). However, since the original Diablo...
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    5E The "everyone at full fighting ability at 1 hp" conundrum

    Final Fantasy 2/4 came out in 1991. The healing system in that game (and nearly every JRPG after that) is the same as the healing system 5e has now. If one of your party members was reduced to 0 hp, you either cast "Life" (a low level spell) or used a "Phoenix Down" (a 100gp potion) to...
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    Do you have any class? The class discussion thread (Paladins and Warlocks and Clerics, OH MY!!

    Back in the day pornographic films had story, and people though that the quality of the story was as important as the quality of . . . everything else. Modern porn has little to no story and is mostly described in terms of the attributes and abilities of the performers in the film. 5e Paladin...
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    General What Method(s) did you use to roll ability score when you first started D&D?

    An automatic 18 in your core stat, and then 1d8+10 for your other stats, arange to taste. Unless it was Dark Sun, then 1d10+10.
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    2E Returning to 2nd Edition

    I think "Blade" best encapsulates my thoughts on going from 5e to 2e: Some MF'ers are always trying to ice skate uphill.
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    2E Is 5e Basically Becoming Pathfinder 2e?

    My wife once told me celebrating Valentines Day was optional that year . . .
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    5E Enhancing "Curse of Strahd" (and DDAL adventures)

    Last year the first major 5e campaign I ran was the Grand Conjunction series of Ravenloft adventures. I'm having CoS take place 6 years later. Basically, after the Grand Conjunction fell apart Strahd became depressed and slept for 4 years. During that time Barovia prospered in its trade with...