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    Capturing the "feel" of Tolkien.

    TOR provides an answer to the design question you asked, you just have to be attentive to its answers.
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    Capturing the "feel" of Tolkien.

    If you're interested in this question I'm not sure why you haven't tried The One Ring already, it's almost 10 years old.
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    Would this work as a system?

    Mixing cards into a RPG sounds a bit like FFG's WFRP 3 which didn't work out too well.
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    Flat World design

    Glorantha is a 'flat world', technically a lozenge. It doesn't follow some of your assumptions though - so it certainly does have a moon, the 'sun' (a god) who travels from the upper world into the underworld and so on. It's probably worth a read if you're designing such a world.
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    d100 science fiction rpgs?

    M-Space from Frostbyte - FrostByte Books At the bottom of the page there's a downloads section where you can download previews. Review here - Review of M-Space: d100 roleplaying in the far future
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    Medieval weapons: why so many? And how do they differ?

    I'm sorry but most of your assumptions and conclusions are wrong. It's clear that crossbows are much slower and clumsier to use than bows, although with a goat's foot lever you are down to "only" twice as slow as a longbow (windlass is more powerful but much slower). I also agree that the power...
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    Bronze Age Fantasy

    Ah, you have my sympathies, as a fish-priest of Dagon myself, I find the Call of Cthulhu RPG deeply offensive, but I'm quite looking forward to Mythic Babylon, finally, some proper representation.
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    Bronze Age Fantasy

    You represent the arms, armour & equipment appropriate for the time, I don't think it's that difficult, it goes without saying you don't include weapons from later periods beyond the setting. I'm not sure about "there is a significant risk of snapping if they are used as swinging weapon" really...
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    Bronze Age Fantasy

    I would be quite amused if a player wasn't interested in a setting because they didn't like the weather! ;) What's important from my point of view is those things that directly influence the players and their characters, during a game. it's your point 4 that's the most tricky and to some extent...
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    Bronze Age Fantasy

    Indeed, I was being provocative, since you seem quite dismissive without much or any experience of (for example) Mythic Britain or the not yet released Mythic Babylon. Imagining fictional Bronze Age settings is very much my hangup as I thought I'd made clear. I quite liked Glorantha in the 80s...
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    Bronze Age Fantasy

    er, yeah, I understood what was written. Personally I find it difficult to separate the historical Bronze Age I'm mostly familiar with (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Near East) from the idea of a Bronze Age setting independent of the specific historical context, with the exception of Glorantha, and that...
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    Bronze Age Fantasy

    I don't know, perhaps you could suggest some?
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    Bronze Age Fantasy

    Anything? You don't like entirely fictional bronze age settings, and you don't like mythological historically-based bronze age settings. Okay.
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    Are Dice Pools Good, Actually?

    Yup, I barely know any dice pool systems as they've always seemed a bit silly and pointless to me, but Mutant Year Zero changed my mind with its pushing mechanics. GURPS doesn't seem to fit, neither would a system like Traveller but I could see people were putting them into the mix, including...