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    4E In Defense of 4E - a New Campaign Perspective

    Exactly. So many players and DMs got "confused" that it crashed the product line and sales. Like how New Coke "confused" its consumers. It takes rolling 1 multiple times in a row in marketing to screw up that badly.
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    PF2 PDFs?

    I didn't see PF 2 rule set PDFs listed in product schedule for next Autumn. Are they only going to be released in dead tree format?
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    4E In Defense of 4E - a New Campaign Perspective

    Yes, the internal world logic is broken badly. See minions, powers, getting them back, et al. In a video game that doesn't matter because you are NOT RPing but you are straight jacketed into something limited by the S/W. One cannot RP while playing Gauntlet 4E was an attempt to make a P&P...
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    4E Should I play 4e?

    Try it. If you like it, play it. I don't how anyone could say what you would like or should play...