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    Free B/X Bandits--"Monster of the Week: Carnivorous Garden"

    Michael Moorcock's "The Knight of the Swords" includes an animated magical garden of bloodthirsty plants surrounding the castle of the sorcerer Shool. This seems like a wonderful obstacle for player characters attempting to invade the tower of a powerful B/X magic-user. :)...
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    Review Here's what I love most about B/X...

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)
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    Review Here's what I love most about B/X...

    With so many editions of Dungeons & Dragons out there, including past editions, their retroclones, and simulacra, someone unfamiliar with B/X might ask what's so great about it. Answers will vary with the person asked, but I went over the Basic and the Expert books, and here's what I decided...
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    Free Monster of the Week: Water Demon

    Micheal Moorcock’s The Queen of the Swords includes a very interesting, and from a D&D perspective, unusual threat—the Lake of Voices. Here’s my take on a version playable in B/X. Monster of the Week: Water Demon
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    Review Source Material: "Castle", by David Macaulay

    "Pyramid" looks interesting to me. I'm a huge fan of "The Lost City", but I'd like to know what a realistic pyramid site would be like.
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    Review Source Material: "Castle", by David Macaulay

    The castle construction rules in the Cook/Marsh D&D Expert book are more interesting when you’ve read one of the non-fiction sources Tom Moldvay recommends in his D&D Basic book. Source Material: “Castle”, by David Macaulay
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    Review From Jonathan Becker, Comes Chaos

    I finally took an opportunity to write up my thoughts on the B/X setting “Comes Chaos”, by Jonathan Becker. From Jonathan Becker, Comes Chaos
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    Press What IS B/X, in 2022?

    After publishing my article last month about the large amount of new material available for B/X, I received responses from multiple readers questioning why I had omitted material for compatible retro-clones. Here’s my follow-up...
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    Review Source Material: "The King of the Swords", by Michael Moorcock

    I conclude my analysis, from a D&D perspective, of Michael Moorcock’s Swords Trilogy with a discussion of “The King of the Swords”. Source Material: "The King of the Swords” by Michael Moorcock
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    Press Monster of the Week: Ursine Warrior

    What happens when the barbarian chieftain threatening the realm calls upon the powers of Chaos to grant him victory?
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    Press Magical Treasure: Sigil of Authority

    I like magic items that can make B/X thieves more effective in their role, especially at low levels, where they struggle to be more than the "backstab specialist" and the "climb walls specialist". The sigil of authority is designed to help any character (but it's a natural fit for thieves) be...
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    Press Monster of the Week: The Metaphysical Horde

    While reading Michael Moorcock's "The Queen of the Swords", I became fascinated by the idea of an unpredictable, unstoppable force, randomly fighting for one alignment or another. Here, in D&D terms, is an adaptation of Moorcock's concept...
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    B/X Lives!

    B/X fans have got it pretty good these days.
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    D&D General Source Material: "The Queen of the Swords", by Michael Moorcock

    Cool! Good choices for the nine-point alignment system.
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    D&D General Monster of the Week: Felinus

    I took a look at the 5e version. It’s well-done, but I wanted something that hewed a bit closer to the book, especially the “fighting for the Balance” impressions I get from Whiskers.