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Recent content by Bront

  1. Bront

    Living Supers Is Closed

    I'm going to have Piratecat or someone else remove this forum. It was fun while it lasted :)
  2. Bront

    Suggested Character Sheet template

    It's fairly simple, I have a text file you can download and modify, and I'll post an example character using it. Name Alignment Race Class Level Init: XX ; Vision: XXXXXXX; Perception: XX Languages: XXXX, XXXX ______________________________________ Defences: AC XX; Fort XX; Ref XX; Will XX Hit...
  3. Bront

    The Future of LEB

    LEB needs to be converted to OD&D before the purge date. I don't have time to work on LEW and LEB, so you're on your own here. Sorry for the inconvenience. Bront PbP Mod.
  4. Bront

    The Future of LEW

    Announcement! Some of you may have wondered why I've been gone for the last few weeks. I've actually been working on a private project of mine, and it looks like it was all in good time. I've been working on slowly converting the LEW rules to OD&D. It's actually been going fairly well, but...
  5. Bront

    Tavern - City of Orussus, The Red Dragon Inn '08

    Important Links Trading-Post The Red Dragon Inn VII The Red Dragon Inn VIII The Red Dragon Inn IX The Red Dragon Inn X The Red Dragon Inn The Red Dragon Inn is home to a motley sort of people. Located near an incredibly life-like statue of a Great Red Wyrm, rumored to in fact be a petrified...
  6. Bront

    Sharn Tavern: The Tower's Shard '08

    The Tower's Shard In Clifftop, a few blocks from the famous Clifftop Adventurer's guild, lies a popular spot called The Tower's Shard. The common street wisdom is that the Tower's Shard is a brewery and inn whose owner was a rich adventurer who died in the war and left the establishment to his...
  7. Bront

    General Discussion '08

    New year, new thread. Previous thread is here: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?p=3968353#post3968353
  8. Bront

    Discussion - General Discussion Thread '08

    New thread. Here's the previous one: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=203372
  9. Bront

    Core change to LEW

    I think I have an idea of a core change in LEW that I think will ultimately be a good thing. 1) Remove the 3 character limit. Instead, players after 3 characters may only have 1 active 1st level character. 2) Due to the change in the above issue, Players with the Leadership Feat may recruit...
  10. Bront

    Psion Bonus PP Fix

    The SRD for Power Points says that when multiclassing, you recieve the appropriate bonus atribute PPs for each manifestor level you have, and then add them togeather. However, the Warmind and apparently the Psychic Fist say that you only get PP from your highest Manifestor level. I believe...
  11. Bront

    General Discussion Thread II

    Time for a new thread. You can find the old one here: Link
  12. Bront

    Ugly frontpage effects on IE6

    The fading background effect doesn't work too well on IE6 and makes the the front page semi-unreadable. I've included a pic. (and yes, I know IE6 sucks, I use IE7 at home, and Firefox on occasion, but I can't on this computer)
  13. Bront

    Living 4th Edition

    Living 4th Edition has a forum http://www.enworld.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=333 You can also join the EnGroup using the EnGroup link on the top bar.
  14. Bront

    Discussion - General Discussion Thread XI

    Time for a new thread :)
  15. Bront

    Adjustment to Approving Books

    Minor change. Unlike normal rules changes, Judges who propose approving content from Eberron books may vote on their proposals. This is since their material is not self-created.