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    What's Your Favorite System for Star Wars

    Well, with respect, if he can't add up those numbers in a few seconds, your pilot may have bigger problems. Not to mention the fact that those huge rolls are not at all the norm, unless you are at the very end of a long campaign and your characters have specs at 10-15d. The only character I've...
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    What's Your Favorite System for Star Wars

    In more than 25 years of running WEG (and even playing a couple times) I've never encountered this issue. I guess the guys I game(d) with were unusually good with addition. :D Speed of resolution was not the issue that slowed down D20 games. It was all the tactical positioning and planning...
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    Help Me Understand the GURPS Design Perspective

    Damn, OP, you can really pick'em... GURPS Supers is the worst possible GURPS iteration. It does powers very poorly, and I've never seen it play well at the table. The system is exceptional at handling realistic games. GURPS WW2 is amazingly well done and runs like a dream in actual play. GURPS...
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    What's Your Favorite System for Star Wars

    WEG in any of its incarnations. It's the best system for a true Star Wars feel. SWD20, for example, is a good system, it just never actually feels like Star Wars. It slows down for combat and that is antithetical to SW. I haven't played FFG yet, but I don't think it can do anything better than...
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    5E WotC's Nathan Stewart Teases New D&D Setting Book in 2019

    I would pay solid gold for a Birthright setting book. Other than that, Planescape, Mystara, Greyhawk or even Dark Sun would pique my interest and I'd certainly buy the book. Ravenloft would be a toss up, and anything else I would not even bother looking at, specially something related to MtG.
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    RPG Magazines (printed).

    Are there any? I am talking about monthly, subscription-based printed magazines, not e-stuff. I really wanted to subscribe to a magazine so as to keep in touch with the market. I play mostly Cthulhu, Conan D20 and Warhammer FRPG, with my latest campaign being a Conan one that I GM about once a...
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    3E/3.5 3.5 is Anime! Wait, what?

    I know I am in the minority, but I really, REALLY hate Reynolds' pieces. It does remind me of anime and it just isn't for me. I hated them in the 3E MM as much as a I hate them now for 4E. So this isn't some newfangled antipathy that I developed "because of 4E".
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    4E How is the 4e announcement affecting your game groups?

    My group is not affected at all, since we only have time to play one session per month (on average) and we're busy with Conan right now. Conan gave us everything we wanted. Less magic, more physical combat options to make melee exciting, and the storytelling potential of Howard's world. Did I...
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    Need a PrC for a warrior that fights with a reach weapon.

    So, I am now, for only the second time in more than 15 years of gaming, a player. I was invited to play in my friend's Midnight campaign, and decided to go for a concept I rarely saw implemented by players in my own campaigns, that of the reach fighter. My character is now a second-level...
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    TSR Q&A with Gary Gygax

    Well, this has probably been asked before, but the prospect of wading through almost 700 posts to find the answer is, shall I say, not very entertaining... What product do you rank as your WORST? I always hear people ask to writers what they think is their best product, and it starts to get...
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    [OT] To Forrester, if you are still around.

    Take a look at this thread in the WotC boards: Elven thread. You'll be interested in most of those posts, specially the large one by mightymouse , who seems to be the quintessential elf-lover. :D
  12. BronzeDragon

    The Quintessential D&D Artist.

    So, after long discussions in the MM2 art gallery thread, I decided to post a poll to discover who people consider the quintessential D&D artist, past and present. Since I don't have many of my books with me right now, I probably will forget someone, so I will put those forgotten people in the...
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    [Humor] The Lord of the Systems.

    A friend of mine, who is an avid GURPS defender in these times of D&D 3E, has come up with this piece of story. I hope you will enjoy it as the harmless attempt at humor it is, instead of attacking it. Also, remmeber this is a translation from his Portuguese text, so I can't even guarantee it...
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    Strange anomaly on D&Dg?

    Actually, it's not within the book itself, but on its cover. I don't know if this is a flaw at all, that's why I am posting here. I recently bought D&Dg and discovered the following group of numbers printed on the cover, where usually stands the inscription WTCXXXXX (where XXXXX is the serial...
  15. BronzeDragon

    Interesting fact about Dragon SRs.

    I don't know if anyone has talked about this before, but searches didn't come up with any results, so I'll start a fresh topic. Did people notice that the Spell Resistance (SR) of almost all dragon types is fixed by CR? Take, for example, CR 20. Excepting the Red and the Brass, all other...