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    D&D 3E/3.5 I've been running a Ptolus campaign since 2006. Here's what I've done with the setting.

    Casts Raise Thread Coming to this late. I was backer 574 from the original. Backer in the newer kickstarter too. Definitely enjoying your story, very cool jump into the game before the books were even released. I have run a few campaigns in Ptolus, including 2 ongoing campaigns right now. It...
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    pogre's Trailblazer Campaign - Update 2/20/2011

    Not to pester, but it would be wicked cool to see more of your story. :D
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    Inactive personal/campaign forums have been closed

    OK, I think I finished getting everything downloaded. It took longer than expected due to a lack of free time. Fortunately, there weren't that many threads. It just takes a bit to make sure none of them have details I don't want to lose. Thanks!
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    Inactive personal/campaign forums have been closed

    Thanks! I'm about halfway through the threads. I think the rest are going to have to wait a day or two. I need to get some sleep.
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    Inactive personal/campaign forums have been closed

    Mine was City of Greerson, if I remember correctly, the old forum number was 146. But forum numbers have been gone for a while now, so that probably doesn't help much.
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    Inactive personal/campaign forums have been closed

    Oh man, I totally missed this. I checked in early November to be sure the forum was still there and then didn't download the threads I wanted to move to the campaign archive site. Is there any chance to grab some of that stuff now? I was hoping to archive one of those campaigns to my site...
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    Congrats to ENWorlder Fajitas - new staff writer for 'Leverage'

    That's awesome! Congrats fajitas!
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    Gaming and Family

    My wife has been gaming with me for almost as long as we have known each other. She has posted bits of her own story hour a few years ago. She is supportive of my other game, that I play in weekly. We play with my son on random weekends as well, time permitting. My girls are too young to get...
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    pogre's Trailblazer Campaign - Update 2/20/2011

    Nifty! Is each post a single session, or multiple sessions?
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    pogre's Trailblazer Campaign - Update 2/20/2011

    Nifty! One group I play with is still using 3.5. Of course, that game started shortly after 3.0 was released. My other group is going Pathfinder right now. I may need to check out Trailblazer just to get more insight/ideas on the system. I like your idea of levelling at the successful...
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    pogre's Trailblazer Campaign Notes & Questions

    I don't have Trailblazer, but I have been using action points for a few years now. They do tweak combat a bit more in the player's favor, but that is OK in my book. So long as everybody is having fun and feeling challenged the important parts of the game are covered.
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    pogre's Trailblazer Campaign - Update 2/20/2011

    Another story hour from pogre! Yay! I notice that the setup for the next one has Gart missing for as much as a season, how much time is passing between episodes?
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    EN World 2 - Thanks!

    Michael, I just wanted to say thanks for your work. So far, it looks great.
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    True20 and Hit Points

    Heck, you have D&D right? Keep is simple. Adept = d4 or d6 Expert = d6 or d8 Warrior = d10 or d12 Depending, of course, on how you envision the relative toughness of PCs. Or if you want hit points, without the random factor, take the average, rounded up. Then use the damage for weapons...
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    Free RPG Day - Traveller Book 0

    I wish! The nearest FreeRPGDay store for me is over 300 miles away. It is well and truly sad.