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    EN World 2 - Thanks!

    Michael, I just wanted to say thanks for your work. So far, it looks great.
  2. BSF

    What to see in Boston?

    I've never been to Boston, nor has Eeralai, and obviously our kids haven't either. So earlier this year, we decided we would take a family vacation up into the New England area of the country. After planning and looking around for places to stay and all that, we ended up with reservations in...
  3. BSF

    OD&D News - Love it!

    I just refreshed the forum and saw the new headers. Gotta love it! Here's to diaglo! (I do kind of question the usage of case though. We know that case really isn't all that important.)
  4. BSF

    4E Rumor control: Lucca 4e seminar report inaccuracies

    It is a niche hobby. If you want to sell to me you should at least be familiar with the game. It is laziness to buy a product and _hope_ it sells without any idea of why it should sell to any given segment of the customer base. Other businesses actually pay attention to their market, pay...
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    4E Rumor control: Lucca 4e seminar report inaccuracies

    The only thing that an authorized logo solves is laziness. Laziness on the part of retailers and laziness on the part of end customers. In itself, that isn't a bad thing. That is what marketing is all about, after all. Companies with a strong brand want everybody in the channel to look at...
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    Visiting the DC area

    Hey everyone, I will be visitng the Washington DC area from March 17-23. I'll be out vacationing and visiting friends and trying to get a feel for what the area is like outside the capital. Generally relaxing and all that. Anyway, I was kind of hoping to meet some of you out there. I'll be...
  7. BSF

    NM - ABQ Ptolus game

    Hey folks, I am starting up a Ptolus campaign here in Albuquerque and I am looking for new players to add to the group. A few things you should know: Core books + Ptolus will be allowed, all other sources must be approved in advance We do include a number of 3rd party materials as 'house...
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    Just wanted to say thanks for the quick cleanup of spam through several of the aisles. I was able to find 3 of the 4 posts by the user. Hopefully the 4th was already cleaned up before I started reporting.
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    Teleport out of grapple

    I am preparing to run a scenario tonight that will likely have the Psion grappled by some lower level fighters. Given that the PC has a 9 str, it is likely that she won't be able to use brute strength to break the grapple. However, she does have teleport and I anticipate that she will try to...
  10. BSF

    Constructs as PCs

    So I am looking for comparisons between different products that would allow some sort of construct as a PC. I recognize that the Warforged will likely be the most familiar to everybody due to the fact that it is in Eberron. But the warforged is not the only option out there. Anybody willing...
  11. BSF

    Is there an update?

    I am getting ready to start up my Ptolus campaign after taking a hiatus from running anything for a while. Looking through my Complete Spell Cards, I note that the PDFs are all timestamped from January 19, 2004. I know there has been errata released for some spells, is there a commensurate...
  12. BSF

    Hot Pursuit

    I am getting ready to start my Ptolus campaign and I am hoping to make heavy use of Hot Pursuit and Hot Pursuit: On Foot. However, I haven't been running a campaign in several months and due to work issues I haven't been a regular on any messageboard. :( So I was wondering if there had been...
  13. BSF

    A toast to Angelsboi

    Looking through today's birthdays I note that Angelsboi would have turned 27 today. For those that remember him, and miss him, I propose a toast in his memory. Here is to Angelsboi! For those that are unfamiliar with who Angelsboi is, he was a frequent poster on EN World who passed away a...
  14. BSF

    Happy Birthday Berandor & Psion

    Congratulations to both of you! I hope you are blessed with a wonderful upcoming year.
  15. BSF

    Rel's campaign analysis

    So at one point Rel had started a thread in the Story Hour forum with an analysis of his Eberron campaign. Good thread. For whatever reason I thought he had started it in November or December of 2005 and thus, part of it would have been safe from the crash/restore earlier this year. Alas, I...