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    Ebook organizer?

    I've got numerous PDFs downloaded from different sites, and it seems like each one wants to store it some place differently. I'm starting to lose track of the stuff I've bought, and it's hard to search for file titles like "AdvX-3.5.pdf" I'm looking for something along the lines of what a media...
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    I know the PDF is out, but I prefer hard copy so I'll be waiting for that. Has anyone bought and/or played this game yet?
  3. Byrons_Ghost

    Order of the Stick 592

    Giant In the Playground Games Finally, a good discussion of D&D alignments!
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    Holy Water or other weapons for undead?

    Due to some investigation and interrogation, my PCs in Shadowfell keep know that they have a necromancer and some undead waiting for them. Since they're headed back to town to rest, they had the idea to get some holy water to help with the undead. Apparently, though, there isn't any holy water...
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    Playtesting signup?

    I remember reading that there was going to be a playtester signup somewhere on the WotC site, but I can't find it. Does anyone know if it's up yet, or have a link? Thanks!
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    4E 4E tidbits from WotC blogs (Updated:David Noonan on Social Interactions)

    Interesting bit from Chris Perkins' blog, don't know if it's been posted anywhere else:
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    War of the Burning Sky in Eberron

    Has anyone thought about adapting the Burning Sky campaign to Eberron? With the relase of Forge of War (which I've yet to purchase, unfortunately), it seems like a war-themed campaign could work pretty well during the Last War. My initial thoughts were to substitute Coaltongue's death for the...
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    Region free player suggestions?

    Given how wiggy some US DVD releases are (see: Twin Peaks, anything from the BBC), I've decided to pick up a region free DVD player and start importing. I've been checking around Amazon and other sites and was considering the Philips DVP5140, but I wanted to post here and see if anyone had any...
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    Question regarding SQL and ASP.NET

    For a website I'm working on, I need to make an ASP script that will read from the MS SQL database and then write certain results to a delimited text file. The text file will eventually be sent off to another server via FTP, but I'm not at that stage yet. I don't know much about ASP at all, but...
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    Anyone have satellite instead of cable?

    Between an unexpected rate hike and lousy customer service, my local cable company has really been irritating me. Thanks to the wonderful, organized monopoly that is the television industry, I don't have any other providers to choose from. So I've been looking into satellite options, such as...
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    Question on Skull & Bones spells

    Sorry if this has been covered already, but I just got the book, so I might've missed any old postings. I had a question on houngan spells- the class progression goes up to 4 for the regular spells, but the spell list itself ends at level 3. Which is correct? Also, is there a list of favors, or...
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    Question on reinstalling XP

    Ok- I got a new computer a few months back, but it's been having a lot of trouble running games, and it's gotten pretty much unplayable recently (though other programs still work fine). I'm thinking about trying a clean Windows install before I start buying new hardware in the hope that it will...
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    Delta Green?

    So... there were supposed to be books available at GenCon. Anyone see the books? Anyone hear about the books going out? Anyone get psychically sensitive dream transmissions from Cthulhu about how tasty the books were? Anyone?
  14. Byrons_Ghost

    Anyone familiar with Neuros?

    I've been thinking of getting an MP3 player lately, and since iPod isn't my thing I'm looking at other lines. I was intrigued by the Neuros line (www.neurosaudio.com) due to some unusual features and the fact that it's open source. But I wanted to check it out some more before taking the plunge...
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    Please help me remember this game...

    I remember seeing a website a while back that had a very simple game which was basically swapping around little business-sized cards. The cards had the rules of the game on them, which essentially were "find someone who isn't playing the game and hand them this card". Basically it was just a...