One early campaign I played in had 8-20 people at a time, with some using B/X, some OD&D, some AD&D -- and no thoughts of an edition war anywhere in sight. It was also a major event to make it to 2nd level. Getting to run 5e for my little one and for some friends (with a much lower mortality rate), and working on an E6/P6 ruleset in the background. Have also enjoyed long running D&D (B/X,1e, 2e, 3, 3.5), Gamma World (1e), Pathfinder, and VtM/WoD (2e) campaigns. Played several others at least a little, including: Brave New World, Call of Cthulhu, D&D (4e), Fate, MSHRPG, Shadowrun, Star Frontiers, Star Wars, Thirteenth Age, Traveller, Twilight 2000, V&V and a few I'm probably forgetting. I've looked over the rules and maybe even made up a character for some other systems, and I almost finished making up a Phoenix Command character once. Prefer a good game of bridge or EDH to most board games, but I do play a lot of Ascension and have all the sets.



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