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    5E Meet Achilles, Greatest Warrior of the Trojan War!

    I must agree with the detractors here. Putting aside just the statblock, Achilles was legendary, peerless. If you must stick to a set formula on stats then at least put a special ability which gets his attack bonus and AC up to levels worthy of his legendary status. +9 is weak, and so is AC19. I...
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    General Too many cultists

    It may be for the style of D&D you and your group typically play, but organised crime has figured large in some of the games I have run, and will run. Despite the fact much of the rules are given over to combat, killing everything should rarely be the whole point of a campaign. Intrigue and the...
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    5E Acquisitions, Inc.: First Impressions

    Yes, in the sense that is where the usual detritus of the game get's deposited. :p Forgotten Realms being the 'kitchen sink' of the published settings works well with this metaphor, as does that fact that when the 'plot-tide' turns, everything that went before is irrelevant water under the...
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    5E Stargate RPG Announced from Wyvern Gaming

    5e is plain wrong for this. Zat'Nik'Tel weapons for instance - they ALWAYS drop you in the series no matter who you are and kill subsequently (if human and not serioulsy augmented in a way the main characters weren't) so they are an IWIN button once you have a big attack bonus and multiple...
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    Narrative Dungeons

    Corridors don't have to be boring... ;P
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    5E WotC's Nathan Stewart Teases New D&D Setting Book in 2019

    I would like to see this too. But I am pretty certain it will be Dark Sun.
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    5E 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual

    All three fighters have girdles of storm giant strength... Good lord - what campaign is this supposed to be IN? The point stands. This is a whiteroom monster and no actual campaign would warrants it's use UNLESS as a world ending monster, or in the extreme corner case that from low level the...
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    5E 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual

    1) OK then - the wizards die even faster - check. 2) Disintegrate is a RAY - and you don't want to go using rays on Big T..... 3) So what? They run out of effective spell slots a VERY long time before Big T. has so much as a scratch on the paintwork!! Also - you have the three Fighters at...
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    5E 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual

    1) Read the epic advancement rules in the DMG. 2) 20th or below? I have just shown how 4 30th lvl damage-specialised wizards cannot kill the T. with the best (by far) damaging spell in the game... 3) Other spell will be less effective the way you have this monster statted - check them all out...
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    5E 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual

    990 HP/ 30HP/round regeneration and 21+4 damage per round each from 4 x 30th level Evoker Wizards dropping Meteor Swarm on the Big T. - who have all taken an extra 9 9th level spells and of course the 24 Int possible with the epic rules. 1st round: 920 HP after 4 Meteor Swarms 2nd round: 850 HP...
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    5E 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual

    Some great stuff here! The Primordial Tarrasque needs a lot more thought though. If swallowed, you have to do 70 damage to have a chance of it regurgitating you - and the save for the Tarrasque is DC 20 Con save - which it has +19 in.... basically you aren't ever getting out. Also, the...
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    PF2E Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    They should - and they have the skill and resources to create an original 'aaa' rpg. A pity they don't.
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    PF2E Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    If you don't find infinite fall distance with a hero landing at the end at 120 mph (terminal velocity) with enough force to smash stonework to smithereens but leaving the character entirely unharmed (a classic 'hero landing' as the character isn't prone at the end...), despite the fact no magic...
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    PF2E Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    Look at the other side of the argument before challenging maybe? In 5th Edition for instance, a 20th level Fighter can use their signature ability and kill an average HP Wizard in one round, guaranteed, as long as they are within a single move of them. The same cannot be said of the Wizard...
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    PF2E Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    There are any number of fantasy systems which keep the mundane, mundane, and balance magic well with it. The idea that this cannot be the case, and that the only way to 'have nice things' for non-magical classes in a D&D style-game is to have Manga/Superhero abilities is the central self-deceit...