I've been playing computer role playing games my entire life. Reading fantasy novels. Comic books. As a child I had a nice collection of AD&D 2nd Edition books and materials, but never had any friends interested in playing with me. I had no trouble finding like-minded kids to play Magic: The Gathering, but that was it. Nobody else seemed to have the patience to really try D&D with me. In high school, some friends and I became really into Warhammer 40k, but then in college I just focused on work and haven't really had anybody to play games with since. Now, I've got a rekindled desire to finally play some D&D! I still don't know anybody, so for now, I'm just studying the rules and playing early-level adventures by myself to get the hang of it. Some day I'll probably go to a local gaming shop and try out D&D Encounters or another introductory role playing night and see if I can find myself a place in the niche of gamers that probably exists in my local area.
Montclair, NJ


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