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    Epic Bank Robbery

    Ok, folks -- the well of inspiration runneth dry. The sitch: My players, at around 22d level (it's a straight-up, no-holds barred, all-sourcebooks 3.5 game), need 144,000 soul coins from a vault maintained by a Knights Templar analogue. Here are the PCs. (Warning, link not particularly safe...
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    Can you iron heart surge a Maze spell?

    Title says it all! thanks for your thoughts. Carpe
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    CR 20-25 for French Gothic campaign. Help!!

    Dear all: I'm writing asking for help drawn from the well of your collective experience. My 3.5 campaign, which pits freedom fighters against a fascist theocracy in a steampunk-driven milieu derived from the chaos of the Paris commune and French revolution, is hitting epic levels. You can see...
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    Divine Mettle and Death Saves

    Question: I presume Divine Mettle can be used to grant an ally an improved death save. If so, that's an interesting use of the power -- essentially a high-risk ranged heal on a downed party member. Possibly useful if the paladin is low on healing surges, or can't get clear from the fight to...
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    Tank Theory

    Proposed: That the tank is an impossibly paradoxical role. The simplest statement of the problem: The tank will never tank (that is, take a hit) when it is in the best interest of the party to have a hit land on the tank. The problem: Taking into account the reduction in damage output in...
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    Help me understand the paladin.

    Help me understand the Paladin. After a few sessions playing one, I'm confused as to why one would tank as a Paladin rather than a fighter. The critical difference seems to be that Combat Challenge does not have a green-headed box around it, whereas Divine Challenge does. The consensus...
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    Greater Metamorphosis: The Golem Chronicles

    So, now one of my players is using Greater Metamorphosis to turn into various things, all of which are enormous fun, but the one that gives me true logical headaches is the Prismatic Golem. Here's my question: what happens when you use magic to turn into something with the special ability...
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    Phun with Phasms and Polymorph

    Folks: I need real rules wonks on this one. Here's the question. Can a Psion with Metamorphosis turn into a Phasm, and then use Metamorphic Transfer to use that Phasm's ability to turn into, oh, say, a Pit Fiend? I know the resulting Pit Fiend won't have many of the abilities of the real...
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    Art of the Peel

    After playing through and running a few games, I'm discovering that monsters still find it in their best interest to ignore the tanking paladin, and tear into the strikers. In our game (which I am not DMing, for the first time in 25 years) the paladin does his best: piercing smites every...
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    double the pleasure: familiars, share spell, and polymorph

    Question: When a mage polymorphs, does his familiar do so as well? How about a psion? I've got a gentleman in my game who's a Psion egoist / Anarchic Initiate. He's been turning into not one, but *two* cryohydras, since his take is that "share spell" permits his pet rock (psicrystal, fine)...
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    Rules Used and Abused

    Dear folks: I am writing to seek your collective wisdom on a number of rules moves in my current game. I'm perfectly capable of using similar moves to keep the game on par, but I do want to make sure that my players are doing legit stuff before I equip every evil cleric with knight's move and...
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    Harrisonburg, Virginia D&D, Players Wanted

    Hi all: We have a good group going in Harrisonburg. Experienced gamemaster, players are mature (mid-20s plus), educated, and into it. We have room for one or two more. You can check out the world at www.arva.wetpaint.com. Send email inquiries to fairfieldj-at-wlu-dot-edu. Carpe
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    A pc in my game recently contracted lycanthropy, the wolfy kind. In figuring out the rules, I've come to the conclusion that being a werewolf is *terrible* from a game perspective. You lose four levels (+2 char level adjustment, 2 baloney "wolf" levels) and gain very little in return. My...
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    Just a bit sad.

    Today I woke up, worried. I needed something great for my game this evening. I ran to the basement, broke open the box, and spent a great time thumbing through old Dungeon mags. Indeed, as I remembered, one of my old Dungeons had a list of 100 cool shop names that I just spent a happy morning...
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    Tome of Battle (Bo9S) Initiator Level

    Do you really get to take one level of swordsage, but take higher level abilities? Your initiator level *for purposes of what abilities you can select* is listed as being your Martial Adept level plus half your other class levels. So, an 8th level Paladin, 1st level Swordage could take 5th...