I've been a gamer - RPGs, minis, board games, etc since I opened my Basic D&D set on Christmas day 1980.
Best Christmas present ever!

Currently playing games in NE Ohio (USA)

I love toys & games. All types.
I'm lucky. I got to be a toy salesman for the best toy store in the world
(You've probably heard our song ;) ) for many many years - until we went out of business in 2018. :(
It wasn't the $, the benefits, the various job positions/challenges, or even at times my co-workers, that made doing that every day worthwhile. It was sharing that love of toys by helping as many people as possible (toddler - 65yr Hot wheel collector, clueless parent, confused grandparent, etc) get whatever toy brought them or theirs joy.

My order of preference D&D wise goes:
1e, 5e, PF/PF2/3x, 2e, BECMI.

On 4e:
I gave 4e a 2 year shot.
I determined I didn't like it.
I don't bear the few remaining 4e fans any actual ill will, but I'm also not above poking them - because it's funny to hear them yowl.
NE Ohio, USA




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