Chad Hooper

I've been a DM through various forms of D&D/AD&D up through 2e. Switched over to Ars Magica around the time D&D3e was announced. Started running AD&D2E again as of about Sept. 2017 for a small group of friends old and new. As of this writing (3-31-2018) we are nearing the end of Book 1 of the campaign module Night Below that I modified to fit my home-brew world Melkar. Around the time we finish Night Below I'm hopeful of switching our group over to Ars Magica (probably 4th)

Non-gaming wise, I'm a guitarist, fan of guitar-centered music (especially Hard Rock & Heavy Metal), long married to one lovely (gamer!) woman, father of one, grandfather of three, and native born Texan who's been living in Nevada, USA for going on 16 years. Warehouse Inventory Control by profession, going on 12 years in current position, 13 with the company. Take that, English teachers! Run-on sentence:D

Favorite literary genres include SF, Military SF, Fantasy (esp. gritty stuff like Thieves' World or Brust's Taltos series), and Urban Fantasy. Favorite authors include Raymond Feist, Jim Butcher, Kat Richardson, Robert A. Heinlein, Robert E. Howard, David Drake, David Weber, Steve White, Simon R. Greene, and Robert Lynn Asprin.
Jul 28, 1966 (Age: 57)
Sparks, NV