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    [D&D 5e] Looking for a game in the local area in Grimsby NE Lincolnshire UK

    New to the area, looking for IRL D&D 5e group to join. I can roll a fresh character if needed and am open to any campaigns. I am also available to play any day and evening, small or large groups and can travel anywhere in Grimsby and as far as Cleethorpes. Message me here.
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    Best resources for playing a Bard?

    I've started playing a skills-based character as a scholared bard. It's been going well these past few weeks and makes achange from playing rogue-fighters and magical characters. I did see once another player using spell cards and he told me there was a pack available for bards. I wonder if...
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    What offline IRL resouces and techniques do players recommend in managing their character sheets?

    So I'm interseted in any pro-tips for managing character sheets and gameplay during campaigns. I'm getting tired of constantly printing out character sheets, seeing them deteriate and crease up, having to carry around papers and files, etc. At present, I'm trying out using beads for HP, skills...