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    D&D 5E Going from 1st to 5th Edition

    I used Milestone for level advancement in the last campaign I ran. All in all, I liked it better than keeping track of the math of how many XPs each person had. There are advantages to both systems (e.g., individual rewards), but overall, I think I would prefer to use Milestones rather than...
  2. collin

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Mages of Strixhaven

    Is it just me, or do these schools of magic sound a little Harry Potter-esque (at least the names)?
  3. collin

    Dragon Reflections #43

    Interesting they mentioned DragonQuest by SPI. I played in a group in the early 80's that used that game system and preferred it to AD&D. Within a couple of years, TSR acquired SPI. It was interesting to see TSR incorporate a few game mechanics from DragonQuest into AD&D for 2nd edition, such...
  4. collin

    D&D General Anyone Co-DM'd a Session?

    I have had a similar experience. A friend of mine and I decided to tag-team DMing for our group's kids (pre-teens and teens). When the non-DM was in the game, we were essentially playing an NPC, then we would switch off. I have been thinking recently that co-DMing might be a good thing...
  5. collin

    D&D General First D&D Character?

    First memorable character was a 1e D&D LG human monk named Po that I played in my senior year in high school. He tended to be somewhat evangelical compared to typical monks. I made it to 7th level, at which point he became a vampire and the campaign essentially ended because we were all...
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    D&D 5E Google Maps for Forgotten Realms (specifically 5th edition D&D)

    So did I. Great map for anything taking place in Waterdeep.
  7. collin

    D&D General Do you re-use characters?

    Not usually, but I am currently re-using a character I had previously created for a D&D 3.5 campaign. The main reason I decided to go with this character (half-drow bard) was I enjoyed him so much when I played him before, but the previous campaign was short-lived, so I thought enough time had...
  8. collin

    D&D General Does anyone else title their D&D sessions?

    My current DM titles the each of the sessions we play (currently in Icewind Dale), and I also title our gaming sessions when I DM (usually Eberron setting). With the pulp feel of Eberron, it just seemed natural to me to title the sessions, like chapters in an old movie serial.
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    D&D General The Sad Tale of a HeroForge Death Knight

    I will say that traditionally, in my experience, the premium plastic minis from HeroForge are more brittle than their basic plastic. What you gain in detail you lose in durability.
  10. collin

    D&D 1E Why did you like the ad&d ranger?

    I tend to agree the 1st ed ranger in D&D was more powerful than later edition incarnations. That was the trade off for needing more XPs to advance the character instead of being a regular fighter. Although I do think the ranger has become watered down in overall combat effectiveness compared to...
  11. collin

    D&D General The Sad Tale of a HeroForge Death Knight

    I've ordered minis from Hero Forge since their first iteration some years back. I own over a dozen, both unpainted (standard and premium plastic) and prepainted (I got in on the Kickstarter). The materials they are using now are better than their original plastics, but I tend to agree they...
  12. collin

    D&D 5E Are we at, or close, to peak D&D? Again?

    Particularly Jeff Dee. Not that there is anything wrong with that. He put it to even better use when he drew for the Villains and Vigilantes RPG.
  13. collin

    D&D 5E WizKids Announces Largest Tiamat Miniature Ever

    If there is an unpainted version, I might go that route, but I am using contrast paints. To use acrylics on that thing would take me at least a year to finish it.
  14. collin

    D&D 5E My Six Favorite Candlekeep Mysteries

    Sounds like an impressive assortment of stories to run sessions at various player levels. From the descriptions above, I am particularly interested in "A Deep and Creeping Darkness". It has elements have been toying with in my mind to take my players on another adventure down the road.
  15. collin

    D&D General What role do the planes play in your games?

    None. Extradimesional spaces are as far as I have gone in the adventures I have run.