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    6E (+) New Edition Changes for Inclusivity (discuss possibilities)

    O rly? While I might like a game with characters resembling those of LotR, you paint us older guys a bit singleminded. Get the life experience of someone over 50, then you would realize the (absolutely wrong) stereotyping of your rant. I bet out of all characters I played in TTRPGs about 10%...
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    6E (+) New Edition Changes for Inclusivity (discuss possibilities)

    ...casts "Protection from diversity" and "Detect normalized"
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    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

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    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

    Well the cannibal halflings are one of the signature DS elements, but if they could form a kingdom? Questionable, it is rather several jungle tribes.
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    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

    Nope, definitely not. It is best IRL compared to some of the Roman or Japanese emperors, which (besides a polytheistic pantheon of "real" gods) were revered as living gods. Think that minus the pantheon, plus some elemental priests and some druids worshipping nature (aka cosmos) and you have the...
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    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

    Would not arcane be a good fit to correlate with ethereal plane?
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    5E Hunters mark and hex and immunity to non-magic damage

    Hex seems to be clear, but on hunters mark I am in doubt. It really should have its damage type specified for clarity.
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    Shemeska's Planescape Storyhour - (Updated 31July2020)

    if the epic effects from the in-game artifacts would have a mechanic behind them, that would be awesome. But i believe some effects are better done purely by narrative anyway.
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    5E Classes that Suck

    i disagree, ranger is very strong (archer). the nat explorer is that: You start out with eg forest. DM shifts everyone to Avernus. Dang you hit level 6 and now select Avernus as your favorite terrain. If your DM is not a total Bob he will allow that. Archer also excels at ranged single target dd...
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    5E What you have on your DM screen

    Zilch, open rolling on my side also, for the thrills. But i got a spreadsheet, mainly a roster of the mobs which may appear during the session, plus some keywords on the adventure. This sheet i do cover from the eyes of my players.
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    5E Do you play without Critical Hits?

    Nevah !!!!!!!!!!!! I also use nat. 1s and that is my part of the fun as a DM bec. my rulings are not fixed about what happens then, and I e.g. let spells crit if save is a nat. 1
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    5E Rejecting the Premise in a Module

    If I run a sandbox then the players can run off in all directions. But I announce upfront that it is a sandbox, and there are things round some corners which can and will ditch out a TPK if the players did not watch or ignore the very obvious stop sign, which will be in place as a safeguard for...
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    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

    Warlocks ("of the medallion" thereby using the of the tome mechanic), having a divine casters spell list are perfect for Templars, I think. If you give them selected clerical spells you meet the feel that they are something like clerics, but mechanically they resemble warlocks rather. You only...
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    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

    Color coded for better understandability, please expand citate. You summed it up perfectly and I do not see any problem at all with the selection except that I would make Templars Warlocks as I already posted a few times. I do not need Xanathars for DS. (Fun fact : are Beholders a thing at all...
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    5E Best Class For A Horse Archer?

    Why do you want to shoot horses :P ? Try a mounted archer instead :)