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Recent content by Corone

  1. Corone

    It's Your Turn to GM

    Isn’t it about time you stepped up and took on the load sometime to give your usual GM a break? Short answer, yes it is. Picture courtesy of Pixabay. In most surveys I’ve seen, the one thing pretty much every GM agrees on is that they’d like to play now and again. It’s good for any GM to...
  2. Corone

    Let the Players Do the Work

    Why should the GM be the one to have to come up with all the ideas anyway? They have enough to do. So why not have your players put some effort into shaping the session? Picture courtesy of Pixabay. There is an old adage that says ‘don’t give the GM ideas’. As if we don’t already have enough...
  3. Corone

    In Praise of Dice

    I don’t think I need to convince anyone that dice are cool. But for those who feel dice are only useful for looking pretty and making a clattery sound behind a GM’s screen, I disagree. Picture courtesy of Pixabay. Fudging Dice Rolls Recent years have seen an explosion in all manner of gorgeous...
  4. Corone

    Are You Burned Out?

    Running a game can be hard and quite a responsibility. While players sometimes consider participation optional, without a GM there is no game. Given that, the GM has to do at least some prep work as well before each session, even if it’s just reading an adventure. So the GM doesn’t have the...
  5. Corone

    The Most Dangerous Time of the Year

    The holiday season is upon us again, and you may be wondering how you can add some holiday spirit to your game. However, at the same time you may not want to give your player characters an easy time drinking mulled wine and giving each other gifts. Here are a few ways to add a touch of festive...
  6. Corone

    Take A Look At The DUNE Character Sheet!

    Very true, and not every drive will fit each situation. Each one puts a twist on the test that makes it a little different and creates potentially different outcomes. However, it is fine to play to your strengths and try and use your best drive each time, but that means you need to manipulate...
  7. Corone

    Take A Look At The DUNE Character Sheet!

    Lol, not so much I’m afraid! But I should add that while I am the project manager and take far too many oppotunities to influence the creative aspects, our lead designer is still Nathan Dowdell who is the master of all things 2d20. :) If people want to know more about how Dune works, there is...
  8. Corone

    Here's What You Can Pre-Order For the DUNE RPG From Next Week

    If you like you can preorder the Standard edition as well - on its own or a bundle - and you'll also get the 82 page Corebook preview pdf right now, and the pdf when its out. If you do go for a bundle the dice are effectively free too. :)
  9. Corone

    Here's What You Can Pre-Order For the DUNE RPG From Next Week

    There will be more adventure stuff on the way, we have plenty of stuff planned and in development. If you want to know more about what characters are meant to do and how the game works, check out the blogs we're doing on the Modiphius site that offer more details.
  10. Corone

    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2021

    Thankyou. Much appreciated in that case :)
  11. Corone

    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2021

    I'll nominate Dune again - as it will be out in retail in physical form in 2021 if I have to hand write and deliver every copy myself! :) https://www.modiphius.net/pages/discover-dune-roleplaying-game I'd also like to nominate my current kickstarter if thats allowed - Opera House Which will be...
  12. Corone

    Check Out The First Dune RPG Art Preview

    For the game, we've taken the attitude that with whole planets to recruit from, every House has a mixture of pretty much every ethnic background among their agents, and that is isn't an issue. Your allegiance to your House is way more important than skin colour to pretty much everyone in the...
  13. Corone

    The Horror! of Introducing New Players

    A couple of years ago at Gen Con I had the scariest experience any GM can ever have. One of the players joined my Doctor Who game saying it was their first time role-playing. This wasn't scary because I thought they'll play it wrong or because I'd have to explain anything about the rules. It was...
  14. Corone

    Lessons Learned from Virtual Gaming

    I wasn't completely new to online gaming before Covid-19, but recent events have given me a crash course, as it has for most of us. It's made me change my gaming habits, but also taught me a few lessons. So it seemed worthwhile to offer are few rules I've learned, in the hopes I'm not the only...
  15. Corone

    No Good Choices

    I'd like to make a case for taking your game to the darkest places you can imagine. Not just with violence or carnage but the sort of horror that makes you question everything. This might sound complicated but it's actually very simple. You give your player characters no good choices. Picture...