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    D&D General One Piece of Art IX (Wildcard)- What NON-D&D Art Inspired You to Love D&D?

    Well, I could see someone saying that this technically is D&D art, but it's not official D&D art - and to be specific, it's the thing that the art is attached to.
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    Looking for help finding early Dwarven Forge ads

    Thank you very much, that was exactly what I was looking for!
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    Looking for help finding early Dwarven Forge ads

    I'm currently in the middle of working on a project, and I'm trying to find some early Dwarven Forge ads or coverage from either KoDT or Dragon Magazine. Unfortunately, while there are indexes of articles from Dragon and KoDT, there aren't indexes of ads. Can anyone help point me towards what...
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    WotC Filing: Wizards of the Coast makes up roughly 70% of Hasbro's value

    Do you have a source for this - just so I can bring that up for other people who decide to get into the "WotC should get rid of Hasbro, just like these corporate raiders activist investors said they should!" nonsense.
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    What Makes a Show "D&D"?

    I'd say protagonists who are fallible in... adventuring-specific ways - not just in terms of having general character flaws. To use an example from Legend of Vox Machina, the bane of Vox Machina's existence is doors. To use another go-to for games which, while not D&D, have the resonance of a...
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    D&D General Classic Gold Box D&D CRPGs coming to Steam

    They are graphically closer to the Might & Magic games (the first 2) and mechanically using AD&D 1e instead of 2e. So, very few memorable NPCs with interesting plotlines, the audio is PC speaker (unless you edit the DOSbox settings to enable Tandy audio - which I recommend), no party banter...
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    D&D General Classic Gold Box D&D CRPGs coming to Steam

    Actually, no. The main money sinks in the game are training expenses and (if you do the Valhingen Graveyard quest) Restoration Spells at the temple. Because I forgot that the game isn't totally RAW - it doesn't require you to keep track of food and spend money on rations and light sources.
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    D&D General Classic Gold Box D&D CRPGs coming to Steam

    If you do pick these up, I would recommend getting Gold Box Companion to play them with. GBC has a whole bunch of quality-of-life features, like "auto-map" and "will look up journal entries for you so you don't need to have the Journal open in a PDF reader all the time"...
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    D&D 5E House Rule Idea: Exploding Weapon Dice

    Hackmaster 4e and (IIRC) 5e uses a system like this, with the added bit that when the die explodes it, IIRC, steps down with each subsequent explosion, to balance it for weapons like daggers.
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    D&D General I hate pdfs, and I'm happy that WOTC primarily publishes Books

    Nah, "Gimmie All Your Lovin'" by ZZ Top is more so, and that got used in a children's film! (Specifically, The Santa Clause).
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    D&D General I hate pdfs, and I'm happy that WOTC primarily publishes Books

    If space was not an issue (and I wasn't on a level 2 evacuation notice in 2020 due to wildfires), I'd prefer my books in physical form. However, I tend to buy books as .pdfs first, unless it's not available in PDF, or if it's a really good deal (like my copy of OG Delta Green I got at a Value...
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    D&D General Forgotten Realms/Greyhawk Interactive Map online

    I wouldn't mind having markers for some of the official modules, if not fan-made ones, just so GMs have a bit of an idea how close, or how far apart, the various adventures are, so they can put some thought into adventure selections based on where they're basing their campaign.
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    D&D General Embracer Group buys Asmodee, Darkhorse, and Perfect World

    Minor clarification - Dark Horse is a creator-owned comic company, so, IIRC, Mike Mignola owns Hellboy, not Dark Horse. Theoretically, if Dark Horse treated Mike badly, Mike could take his ball and go to IDW or Image or whoever, depending on the terms of the contract. It's like saying Dark Horse...
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    D&D 5E The Secret World MMORPG is getting a 5e D&D Adaptation

    I like the game and setting, but one of the big things with the mechanics was that the character mechanics weren't class-based, and with a particular focus on skill levels (well before ESO came out). Almost to the point that a variant of something like the Genesys system or Cypher system might...
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    D&D 5E I have a hankering for freeing Phalan!

    One setting tweak I'd make with this - the River Lis, which connects the Moonsea with the Sea of Fallen Stars, in Setting As Written (SAW), is not generally navigable (for reasons unrelated to harassment from raiders along the shoreline - it's a shallow marshy river). Change that to make the...