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    D&D General This just popped up in my Twitter feed....

    Thats why I thought it was worth posting initially. At a time of stress, crisis, political argument and concern - a senior parliamentary figure taking 5 minutes to post something positive about their kids and one of their (I'm guessing) Christmas presents makes a change from the usual sniping...
  2. crazy_cat

    D&D General This just popped up in my Twitter feed....

    Latest update. Good to see some politicians focussing on the positives in these dark and difficult times.
  3. crazy_cat

    D&D General This just popped up in my Twitter feed....

    Made me smile. It's a tweet from a UK member of parliament.
  4. crazy_cat

    WotC Gale Force 9 Sues WotC [Updated]

    Isn't that just economics though? Gaming is a luxury/non essesntial item - so the people selling it (WOTC and stores) price it as they see appropriate to maximise their revenue based on margin and volume, maximise return on investmnet, and achieve desired market coverage/penetration. D&D is a...
  5. crazy_cat

    WotC Gale Force 9 Sues WotC [Updated]

    Really!!!??? Where do you live, and what did you pay? Genuinely interested, and frankly amazed! I'm in the UK - and I will (when I get round to it) pay £30'ish for Tashas (with a loyalty card discount) at a local store, could pay less/at worst same at Amazon as an alternative. For context, here...
  6. crazy_cat

    D&D General How did you pay total for your PHB? How much did you pay for a D&D book?

    UK: PHB via Amazon in 2014 - £25.40 (@current exchange rate $33.80) More recently: January 2020, Wildemount, Amazon, £27.07 November 2019, Eberron, Local bookstore, £33.14 (after 15% discount for university card, so £38.99 real price) - was available cheaper on Amazon, but bought in store for...
  7. crazy_cat

    D&D 5E Which three classic settings do you hope for?

    I voted Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Greyhawk. In addition (or instead of) I'd love an updated rethink and rework of, uncoupled from FR, Al Qadim. I'm not holding my breath waiting however.
  8. crazy_cat

    Rate my bookshelf

    Planescape and Ptolus - they're Pretty good on their own!
  9. crazy_cat

    What's the most expensive RPG product you've bought?

    Original Ptolus when initially funded (can't remember), various Dwarven Forge KS's ($500+ each), and HOTOE Seasoned Traveller KS for Cthulhu ($300).
  10. crazy_cat

    D&D 5E Is there even a new D&D setting?

    Maybe a movie? Or a TV boxset? Here's hoping.
  11. crazy_cat

    Explore Far Distant Worlds in the Traveller Core Rulebook

    I'm sure publisher, Zozer Games, would much rather you didn't pirate their published materials.
  12. crazy_cat

    Here Are 2020's Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs!

    Is this this years (2020) list or last years (2019)? The last paragraph of the article confuses things somewhat, and the 2019 list provided at the end is the same as the '2020' list above?
  13. crazy_cat

    Low Fantasy - Best Systems?

    Low Fantasy Gaming ?
  14. crazy_cat

    Best Mongoose Conan books?

    Which are the best Mongoose D20 Conan books - as resources for fluff and setting/background info rather than D20 rules - and why? I've got the core book - and Return to the Road of Kings which is a fantastic resource - what else is worth picking up for background and setting information. Thanks