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I had played AD&D in high school many years ago and then stopped playing after graduation due to losing track of my game mates and life and whatnot.

Fast forward 29 years later and I stumbled upon D & D again under the 5E rules.

I've bought and read through all the core rule books: PHB, DMG, MM, SCaG, Volo's, Xanathar's, Mordenkainen's, Tasha's. After more than 4 years of becoming well informed on 5E rules, playing, and running a game of my own, I consider myself to be a serviceable DM and competent player with plenty of room for improvement.

I currently DM a regular bi-weekly group since October 2018. I also PC in a long term game with that same group and PC another long-term game that began August 2020.
November 12
Kingwood, Tx




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