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    5E Tasha digital preorders

    It’s for preorder at Amazon. It’s #132 out of all books on Amazon sales rank right now. Just edging out the players handbook.
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    OD&D Jennell Jaquays Goodman Games Judges Guild Kickstarter almost over

    Just two years she worked for them and helped define some of the foundations of the hobby. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1409961192/judges-guild-deluxe-dark-tower-caverns-of-thracia-and-more/
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    5E The DAB! A frog like PC creature option with new subclasses for 5e.

    I helped playtest this awesome and wild book. The vehicles made for fast paced combat and the bubble knight bounced all over the battlefield. I ran a game at a future Temple of the Frog where they the DAB's had to defend it against an invading army of giant mechs. Fire and lazers and zipping...
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    This is a question thread.

    So it's for asking questions?
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    5E Which Virtual Table Top are you using right now and what do you like best about it?

    I used google draw with a shared map recently. Pulled resources from the net. It worked reasonably well in a pinch.
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    General What's your favorite starter sandbox region?

    I don’t have a favorite but Waterdeep was a ton of fun.
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    5E Blue Rose RPG Coming to 5e D&D

    I really wanted the Black Company/True Sorcery system ported to 5e. Still, all the best!
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    Hero Quest Countdown!!!!!

    https://heroquest.avalonhill.com/en-us What? What? Anybody know anything?
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    5E Rime of the Frostmaiden special cover sold out already?

    Rime is 75 out of all books on Amazon and around here it looks like the special edition is sold out. Anyone know if there are any in distribution?
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    General Dungeons & Dragons Becoming a Magic: the Gathering Set Next Year

    So I will be able to use surplus magic cards to make tokens with ACTUAL dnd monsters on them?!? That’s cool.
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    WotC New M:tG set announced: "Adventures in the Forgotten Realms"

    Wait!!!! So I could use the surplus cards to make tokens out of magic cards that have ACTUAL dnd monsters on them?!?