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Recent content by DarkRevenant

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    D&D 5E Integrating a story-resistant player

    Personally, I would not re-invite someone who ghosted the first session. I just don't see that sort of relationship ending well.
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    WotBS New Campaign Planning... Integrating Backstories [probably spoilers]

    Erdan Menash could make for a good connection, both having a shared love of making things. It could be a master-apprentice relationship? Maybe you could make Menash himself be a gnome, so as to add some kind of family connection?
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    WotBS Branching After Adventure 3 (i.e., what if they don't want to go to Bresk)?

    You should inform the PCs (probably through Simeon or Kiernan) that going directly to Castle Korstull would be suicide: it's surrounded by a firestorm that makes traveling to the castle impossible without special protection or preparation—which Seaquen cannot adequately provide. Taking shelter...
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    WotBS Nature's guardian ranger archetype: typo or incredibly op?

    Even if they do figure out some way to get the ranger up and onto the giant eagle with the goods (despite your best efforts), keep in mind that the Ragesians can call upon an Erinyes to intercept the flier. Against a solo tier 1 adventurer, she could take the package with contemptuous ease...
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    WotBS Shaaladel's Motivations [Spoilers]

    I've been wondering that myself, and how I plan on handling it is that Shaaladel is in a Telepathic Bond with Aurana Kiirodel. When she witnesses what happens to the Torch and Heart, she informs Shaaladel about it, prompting him to go into another irrational bout of vengeance (much like how he...
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    WotBS Song of Forms influences?

    For my WotBS game, I've been going with elves growing to physical maturity a bit slower than humans, and the equivalent of "mental maturity" by human standards at around the same time. Elvish culture, on the other hand, separates "not-a-child" and "full adult" by many decades. One of the...
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    WotBS [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?

    Thanks for the quick update!
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    WotBS [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?

    Thank you for the clarifications, and no worries! Overall, this 5e conversion has been excellent, and a lot of fun for the group I’m running for. Oh, I was referring to the fact that they aren’t explained during the Festival either, only teased at in Act 2: “Soon enough, at the climax of the...
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    WotBS [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?

    I'm really looking forward to running that Vorax-Hul fight and that big colossus battle! My group just needs to get through the Scourge Fortress first... Though I have a few comments: Does the Mask of Vorax-Hul have spellcasting components? I imagine it would be fairly difficult for a mask...
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    WotBS Question about #2, The Fire Forest (spoiler!)

    He can be followed into the fire forest, and that’s exactly how my players kicked his ass. They got singed a bit, but it was worth it. The fighter is still kicking around in Book 6 with that +1 glaive. Remember, Kazyk is CR 4. On his own, he's only a medium-to-hard (he's on the high end of...
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    WotBS A War of the Burning Sky Wiki

    Unfortunately, there was a very short window of time where the Wiki was both working and also contained the WotBS wiki. Wayback's last working version of the page was from March 20...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    The only prison/tomb combination I can think of is the one in Act 5 of Shelter from the Storm. Lee Sidoneth - who is hiding there at the end of the book - could probably be described as a "thunder child" considering his position in the campaign, abilities, and goals.