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    WotBS Song of Forms influences?

    For my WotBS game, I've been going with elves growing to physical maturity a bit slower than humans, and the equivalent of "mental maturity" by human standards at around the same time. Elvish culture, on the other hand, separates "not-a-child" and "full adult" by many decades. One of the...
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    WotBS [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?

    Thanks for the quick update!
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    WotBS [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?

    Thank you for the clarifications, and no worries! Overall, this 5e conversion has been excellent, and a lot of fun for the group I’m running for. Oh, I was referring to the fact that they aren’t explained during the Festival either, only teased at in Act 2: “Soon enough, at the climax of the...
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    WotBS [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?

    I'm really looking forward to running that Vorax-Hul fight and that big colossus battle! My group just needs to get through the Scourge Fortress first... Though I have a few comments: Does the Mask of Vorax-Hul have spellcasting components? I imagine it would be fairly difficult for a mask...
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    WotBS Question about #2, The Fire Forest (spoiler!)

    He can be followed into the fire forest, and that’s exactly how my players kicked his ass. They got singed a bit, but it was worth it. The fighter is still kicking around in Book 6 with that +1 glaive. Remember, Kazyk is CR 4. On his own, he's only a medium-to-hard (he's on the high end of...
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    WotBS A War of the Burning Sky Wiki

    Unfortunately, there was a very short window of time where the Wiki was both working and also contained the WotBS wiki. Wayback's last working version of the page was from March 20...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    The only prison/tomb combination I can think of is the one in Act 5 of Shelter from the Storm. Lee Sidoneth - who is hiding there at the end of the book - could probably be described as a "thunder child" considering his position in the campaign, abilities, and goals.