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Recent content by Darren L

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    We are back!

    Hi I made it over from the other side
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    WOIN Populate Your [WOIN] Galaxy With The Galactic Sentience Catalog!

    guessing that the racebuilding engine could be used for O.L.D as well
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    WOIN O.L.D V1.2 Armour

    sorry Morrus but I was led to believe that ranks in a skill ie armour medium no longer counted perquisite towards higher quality items P.S thanks for the quick reply
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    WOIN O.L.D V1.2 Armour

    Just been looking at the new WRRD and noticed at the armour skill as been removed from some if not all the careers but the battle mage as a exploit can gain Armored Wizard. You are adept at wearing armor. If you don’t already have it, you gain6 ranks (3d6) in medium armor. Medium armor which...
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    WOIN 5th ed to WOIN (OLD)

    thanks for the quick reply, that's what I was thinking but I thought I would ask the enworld community
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    WOIN 5th ed to WOIN (OLD)

    Hi In the process of converting some 5th edition books to WOIN and as such looking for guidance converting advantage / disadvantage to WOIN
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    WOIN O.L.D. Magic as a secret

    hi just looking for clarification on what the secret of magic would cover, as it seens to me to be a "cover all" secret.
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    WOIN O.L.D Help with encounter building

    thanks for the quick reply
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    WOIN O.L.D Help with encounter building

    I an just about to start a OLD home brew campaign and have a question Just seeing if there is any rules about building a encounter using a system using max dice pools, Just asking because in D&D you have CR ratings.
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    General Welcome Thread

    Hello everyone, been role playing for about 30 years (if being honest more of a "roll" player). I now live just outside of Chesterfield UK. Games I have played include D&D (the red book) AD&D 2nd ed D&D 3rd D&D 3.5 d&d Pathfinder Starfinder Role master Tunnels and Trolls Mech warrior...