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    5E Sing to me of Box Sets, what cool things have been in them, what cool things do you want in them?

    What I'd want in a boxed set depends on what the set is. An adventure? A setting? An introductory "welcome to D&D" set? Since Dark Sun is the boxed set that would most appeal to me, I'll go with that one. I am assuming that this would be a luxury product based on a Dark Sun setting book. What...
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    5E The Last Edition of D&D?

    Yeah, I'm in much the same boat. I bought one adventure path, but I found it very hard to wrap my head around it when just reading it - I assume it works better when you're actually running the adventure. And I'd prefer to leave the APs unspoiled just in case I someday end up playing one of...
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    General Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers Talk D&D Movie

    "The challenge is to approach it as you would a much smaller movie, and not get caught up in the fact that you have $100 million-plus to spend and start thinking about the biggest set pieces you can construct. Rather, focus on the stuff that makes it special and makes an audience invest — and...
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    UA Impression of the U/A Psi Knight in play

    I do have it, and it's too dang useful for me to ban it, but it sure would be nice if it gave the DM more ability to filter and control what's allowed in their games by default. And, in this case, it would be nice if it followed the actual game rules.
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    UA Impression of the U/A Psi Knight in play

    This may be due to D&D Beyond treating them as separate feats. Odd, since DDB certainly has the capacity to allow choices when you select a feat (e.g., Spell Sniper lets you pick a spell from a drop-down).
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    General Memorable dragon encounters

    It left half the loot? Man, that was nice of you. :)
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    5E Is Neil Gaiman Wrong?

    I wish ENWorld had a thread-specific ignore option: "I wish to ignore these people, but just in this one thread where they have gotten into an argument over who said what when."
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    5E Is Neil Gaiman Wrong?

    As usual in such cases, your player is wrong, not because his assessment of the situation at hand is wrong, but because of a failure of imagination. He is right about a classic D&D dragon fight where Ye Olde Adventures hack the beast to death with swords. This makes zero sense for a really big...
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    5E Balance Inquiry Arcane Archer Modification

    I like the elemental arrows. Adds tremendously to the flavor and feel, occasionally useful against the right monster, without having a big impact on balance.
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    5E Mike Mearls is back on the D&D RPG Team

    I could turn that question around on you: If Zak S is innocent, why doesn't he file suit against his accusers for defamation and tortious interference? (Edit: I see he claims to have done this, so I guess we will in fact have a legal resolution of this eventually. If, that is, he actually...
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    5E Mike Mearls is back on the D&D RPG Team

    Unless I missed something, the evidence in those links for the allegation about Mearls doxxing victims to Zak S is this: "When we say Mike Mearls passed a long information about harassment complaints to the abuser himself & people say 'what proof do you have' well i literally know victims, I...
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    5E Is the new setting Icewind Dale?

    The Internet. You has won it.
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    5E Is the new setting Icewind Dale?

    If this is true, I hope Icewind Dale is the setting of the new adventure, not the setting of the new setting book. Still hoping for Dark Sun...
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    WotC What's your dream release schedule?

    My personal dream release schedule would have 6E coming out later this year, which would incorporate a lot of the improvements and adjustments of the last six years into the core rules and address various rough spots cough*stealthrules*cough. Then each year we would get, oh, one "monster book"...
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    General D&D Movie Moves Forward With Deal With Former Marvel Exec Jeremy Latcham

    If the only drow in the movie is Drizzt, and he's played by a dark-skinned actor, they'd be okay. They don't have to delve into his back story too much. Not a fan of Drizzt myself, but if you need a popular FR character to build a movie around, he's your best option.