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Recent content by Deathmaster Banak

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    D&D 5E Does lightening bolt spell cause extra damage to sea creatures in water?

    Why would the character think that a lightning bolt would do more damage to creatures in water? Has the character conducted numerous experiments in the world to find this out? If this is what he is thinking then it looks to me like a case of the player wanting to use real world knowledge that...
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    Podcast #147: Shadow of Mogg with Panayiotis Lines

    "as should have happened for EU referendum" Please stop bating the Brexiteers. The acrimonious atmosphere at the time was bad enough without bringing it to RPG forums.
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    Podcast #147: Shadow of Mogg with Panayiotis Lines

    This site is not the place to discuss your innermost thoughts on political issues, as I'm sure you well know.
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    Podcast #147: Shadow of Mogg with Panayiotis Lines

    As long as people are happy to go with the majority if the voting split is 51%/49%
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    D&D General What do I do with a Player who doesn't care about the actual game?

    A friend would listen and stop acting like an ass. Dump him from the group and as a 'friend'.
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    D&D General Old School DND talks if DND is racist.

    "a couple of older white men talking about racism? Not sure that's going to be relevatory (sic)." Dismissing people, opinion unheard, due to their skin colour and age, isn't that the very definition of bigotry?
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    NSFW General: Tell Us Your Concerts

    Slayer - Reign in Pain Tour, Rock City, Nottingham, UK, 1987. My first thrash metal gig, buzzing in one ear for a week. Learned not to stand so close to the speakers.
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    Execute them = Game of Thrones series 1 Let them get away with it = Game of Thrones series 8 I know which series I prefer ;)
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    What are you reading this year 2020?

    Clark Ashton Smith for the win! https://www.amazon.co.uk/End-Story-Collected-Fantasies-Ashton/dp/1597808369/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&qid=1590594510&refinements=p_27%3AClark+Ashton+Smith&s=books&sr=1-10
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    D&D 5E Free 60+ page Guide to Sword & Sorcery for 5E D&D

    Yeah but the Legend details don't have the Thulsa seal of approval, and the villainous cults are the most fun! I'm hoping to get my group to play in Xoth so the sooner I have the details for all the cults (either in the Player's Guide or new GM's Guide) the better :).
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    D&D 5E Free 60+ page Guide to Sword & Sorcery for 5E D&D

    Fantastic guide. Any plans to flesh out the other cults? 5 down, 17 more to go (actually 16 if Aklathu doesn't have any priests)!