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    Adventurers Go Left?

    Barring some sort of pressure of time (or resources, or otherwise), the optimum route to clear out the dungeon is to be nice and systematic. So always go left. (Of course, always go right would work just as well, as long as whatever is chosen is done consistently. But I've always done "go...
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    5E Greyhawk and Dragonlance on DM's Guild

    I've just noticed that Greyhawk and Dragonlance are now listed among the settings available for DM's Guild content, although neither actually has any products available yet. Is this new, or have I just been out of the loop?
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    5E Legacy of Fire to 5e Conversion?

    I'm currently about three-quarters of the way through "Storm King's Thunder", and for my next campaign I was probably going to run the old Pathfinder/3e path "Legacy of Fire" (converted to 5e). But before I began the task of converting the six adventures in question I thought it wise to ask...
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    Pulling Off a Dragon Heist in Waterdeep: The Review

    IMO, CoS really suffers in comparison with the original, which (also IMO) is enough to disqualify it from greatness. For the rest - I stopped after "Storm King's Thunder", so can't comment on ToA or, now, W:DH. "Tales..." is slightly different, as I have several of the source adventures, but it...
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    Pulling Off a Dragon Heist in Waterdeep: The Review

    I thought "Lost Mine of Phandelver" was great. But that's one of very, very few - for any edition.
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    Strange Aeons Adventure Path

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    Tome of Beasts

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    Ghosts in the Black

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    [Oct 2016] What Are You Reading?

    A new month, so the usual thread... I'm currently 83 pages into "Storm King's Thunder", which thus far is a decent setting guide but a poor adventure. But it may well improve - there's a long way to go yet. The other books on the slate for this month are "The Thrushmoor Terror" (for...
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    D&D Not able to enter reviews

    So I figured I'd restore my reviews that were lost in the crash. And adding "Hell's Vengeance" was easy enough. However, when I came to actually add a review, I found that although the Rating box and the Headline box were fine, the box for the actual review was missing. Which, amongst other...
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    Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path

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    "Database Error"

    Here's a screenshot. 'fraid it's probably not terribly useful.
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    Captain America: Civil War (spoilers)

    Following their usual pattern, Marvel have released their latest film in the UK a little ahead of the US general release (well, according to IMDB), and I went to see it last night. Yeah, it's great. I particularly liked the way that there wasn't a clear 'right' side here - both Tony and Steve...
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    D&D A Picture for "Hell's Rebels"

    The Review It! entry for the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path doesn't have an image, possibly due to it not being available when the entry was added. Not being the OP, I can't edit it to add one, hence this thread. May I suggest: as the...
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    [March 2016]: What are you reading?

    Another thread for another month... I'm currently reading "Trigger Warning", the third short story collection from Neil Gaiman. I'm very much enjoying it - I just wish he'd write a little more prolifically! Next up will be "Brideshead Revisited" by Evelyn Waugh.