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    Campaigns in a nutshell. Adventures in a sentence.

    Not really sure how this 16+ year old thread eluded me all this time, but I can add my campaigns to the list. Order vs. Chaos 500 years ago, the last king of the land decided that he'd had enough with demihumans - orcs, goblins, kobolds, et al. With fervent public support, he raised a vast army...
  2. der_kluge

    D&D 3E/3.5 Fighter build advice

    Looking at an Aasimar Paladin, with maybe Divine Crusader PrC. That seemed pretty interesting, though I'm not terribly into Tyr/Torm. Was trying to find a deity that's a little more off the beaten path. Tymora or Sune, perhaps. Alternatively, was considering some sort of Paladin/Ranger (yea, I...
  3. der_kluge

    D&D 3E/3.5 Fighter build advice

    I'm joining a 3.5 campaign. The party has: a Wizard, a favored soul, a dwarven cleric, and some sort of paladin/rogue. The GM said the group needs a front-line tank/fighter type. I'm OK with fighters, but not a big fan of barbarians or rangers, and I've never played a monk. He's suggesting...
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    D&D General Modrons should be terrifying

    My current campaign is centered around the Rod of Seven Parts, but I don't use the stupid "rod is just a bunch of air powers" aspect that the boxed set had. Instead, it is actually a Rod of Pure Law - and once the wielder acquires 4 pieces, they have the ability to summon a modron - which, based...
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    D&D 5E How many house rules?

    The only main house rule I have is around "taking 20" which is a 3.x holdover, and mostly applies to picking locks. -- You can "take 20" while picking a lock, but doing so automatically breaks a lockpick. Thieves' tools come with 5 lock picks. Once all picks are broken, a new one has to be...
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    D&D General Gen Con module?

    Ok, I got Monte Cook to respond over on Twitter, since he was the one who ran it (or so I was remembering anyway). He responded that it was something he created called Dungeon Delve, and as far as he knows, it was never released. :(
  7. der_kluge

    D&D General Gen Con module?

    Gen Con, circa .... I don't know, probably early 2000s? The WoTC designers ran a tournament-style game. Essentially, the game consisted of a dungeon, and parties would enter said dungeon. If any party members survived the dungeon, the players could write notes and leave them on a billboard...
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    D&D General Never-before-seen video of Gary Gygax (must see!)

    Thing is, Gygax himself would have thought this was hilarious.
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    Dark D&D (but not with rules)

    I'm looking for resources, ideas, inspiration around making D&D really dark. And if you read that and immediately a half a dozen rules supplement came to mind, I'm gonna stop you right there. I don't want rules. A lot of these are half-assed attempts at really limiting magic, resources, items...
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    Any Buzz For Dungeon Alchemist?

    I backed it the moment I saw it. Hell, I might not ever even use it, but it's still cool!
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    Wilderlands of High Fantasy - What do I need to start a 5e campaign?

    FYI, I've created a group on Facebook as a home for discussing all things WoHF. Wilderlands of High Fantasy Seems the Judge's Guilds forums on Facebook are no longer available, so there's really no place for fans of this amazing setting to congregate. I intend to scour the internet, inviting...
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    Where and how do you play?

    I'm curious to know how people are getting their RPG gaming fix on right now...
  13. der_kluge

    D&D 5E Material components

    I think 3rd defined it as 1 page per spell level. I'm not sure 5th bothers to define it.
  14. der_kluge

    Wilderlands of High Fantasy - What do I need to start a 5e campaign?

    Don't mind my thread necromancy. As others have pointed out - the boxed set is what you want, unless you want to run in the City State, then pick up that book as well. It's good stuff. Warning: It's all very gonzo, and some of it borders on ridiculous. I found a butcher shop location in the...
  15. der_kluge

    D&D General Recommendations for a "Witcher" style campaign

    I think the monster advice is on point. In fact, I spent some time last night going through the MM and finding monsters that I thought would work well (as-is), and a narrative began to emerge from that. a spectator (pg. 30) could guard a lair - interesting because it could be described like a...