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    Top 3 All-Time RPG Supplements

    Caverns of Thracia by Paul Jaquays. The gold standard of dungeons - history, layout, factions; it's all there. Faiths & Avatars for the Forgotten Realms. Finally, a stake in the heart of bad design which was generic clerics.
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    D&D 5E What is your "go to" campaign concept?

    Everything is an aboleth plot. Seriously.
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    D&D 5E Descent Into Avernus & Mad Max: Why the adventure ultimately failed (to me!)

    It would have made more sense as an expedition to a layer of the Abyss - such as the Barrens of Oublivae (4E reference). Hell is not the place for the chaos needed to make this adventure work.
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    Paizo Paizo Announces Drift Crisis, Lastwall, Abomination Vaults, and Shadows at Sundown

    Golarion = Paizo's world. Glorantha = RuneQuest's world. *** I'm glad I'm a Paizo fan, rather than a WotC fan. I have a lot of content for the weekend!
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    Paizo Pathfinder Publisher Paizo Has A New President

    Loved his Oathbound setting. Ran two campaigns there. Hope to return one day.
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    Steamforged Games Apologizes & Reprints Dark Souls Books

    It reminds me of when Mongoose utterly botched the first d20 version of Conan. I've never trusted Mongoose since.
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    D&D General Dark Sun - City-State of Urik sourcebook

    This is an amazing resource: Thank you!
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    RuneQuest Starter Set: Played It Review of a Mythic World of Magic and Conflict

    Good to see another 13G fan. Similarly, I'm going to see what I can steal from this for a future 13G game.
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    D&D General Why are so many D&D articles *garbage*?

    Why are so many articles garbage? It's not just D&D articles. PS: This question of mine is rhetorical. It's all about the clickbait.
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    D&D General 2010: A Turning Point for D&D

    C'mon, Talien, you have to move past motherhood statements and exaggeration. There is a genuine story to tell.
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    Dr. Wesley Snipes and Sean Astin Join Grimmerspace as Creative Developers

    Of course, that also means he's not supposed to be addressed or referred to as Dr. And here's another point to consider: When you use a fake title for someone in this sort of context, that tends to have a negative effect on the perceptions of the project. After all, if you have to resort to...
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    D&D 4E Streamlined 4e combat

    For DMs Consider using Masterplan to run your combats. It keeps track of hit points, bonuses, penalties, and conditions. Also, if you're the DM, it does the dice rolling for attacks and damage for you as well. Build your own stat blocks. At this point in 4E's life, chances are you're much...
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    Starfinder Starfinder's Sutter Leaves Paizo; Butler Joins (In A Different Role)

    Understood. A certain person has, again, insinuated that Paizo is having financial difficulties on one of the most widely-read RPG forums on the internet. There is no evidence for this insinuation other than his inability to properly parse a statement made ten years ago in a completely...
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    Starfinder Starfinder's Sutter Leaves Paizo; Butler Joins (In A Different Role)

    There are no rumours of money problems at Paizo. There is a certain passive-aggressive, dog-whistling schmuck who trots out vague allusions to this without any support. Of course, I am not calling you a passive-aggressive, dog-whistling schmuck....
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    [Forgotten Realms] Info on Dwarven Kingdom Under Lost Peaks?

    These sorts of disputes are normally hashed out over at Candlekeep. Look for George Krashos (aka Krash); he's the expert on all things dwarven and has Ed's imprimatur.