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    Good fantasy reads?

    Have you read any of his short stories? Several of them are collected in Engraved on the Eye (including a prequel novella to Throne of the Crescent Moon). Very imaginative, very different.
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    5E Never Give Them Unlimited Black Powder

    Tales from the Floating Vagabond listed a weapon called "Nuclear Hand Grenade". I doubt it was very popular. Some years ago I ran a campaign that started in the Old West, but then shifted away to more traditional D&D. Once the adventure left the Old West, and they couldn't replace their...
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    "Target Practice".
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    OOTS 1215: Present Company Included:

    Hehe. I love how laconic Xykon is about it all.
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    How do you use dinosaurs in your campaign?

    The last dinosaur I remember using was THAC0. Actually, more recently my group Summoned a T-Rex to swallow an evil artifact, then released it back to its home plane. Later they learned that this had caused a festering Evil to take root in what had once been an idyllic Garden of Eden.
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    Brainstorming a “Kitchen Sink“ Sci-Fi campaign

    Have you ever read Harry Harrison's short story "The Repairman"? It might give some flavour for the practical issues involved in maintaining interstellar travel.
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    Brainstorming a “Kitchen Sink“ Sci-Fi campaign

    Having a huge, traumatising war in the recent past (like in Firefly, or to steal from fantasy, Eberron) opens up a lot of possibilities without forcing you into a dominant theme. You can have pockets of ongoing hostilities, rogue warlords, planetary devastation, abandoned battleships...
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    5E Weird Interpretations for High/Low Ability Scores

    Anyway, back to the original topic... CHA 3: Arnold J. Rimmer CHA 18: Ace Rimmer (What a guy!)
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    5E 5 Essential Encounters in a Wizard's Tower

    One thing I've always meant to do with a wizard's tower: spells cast by the tower's master are automatically metamagicked. Or at least within specific zones (think magic circles around the lab or main hall).
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    General Greyhawk did what? A partial list of Greyhawk Personalities

    It moves around. Maybe if you're lucky it will come to visit you!
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    How do your hobbies or job change the way you play D&D?

    Sounds like something from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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    Advancing the plot without resorting to the ubiquitous "letter" from the evil mastermind

    You could try it the other way round: a letter from the mook or lieutenant to the BBEG, all stamped and addressed and waiting to be sent.
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    5E The crab that got away...

    And now the crab has a level of Fighter or Monk and it's coming back for revenge!
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    Rate my bookshelf

    I've never actually played it, but it was quite amusing to read. (If I remember correctly, size categories for guns were Gun, Big Gun, Incredibly Big Gun, Oh My God That's A Big Gun and Don't Point That Thing At My Planet. That kind of thing. I was in my early 20s at the time, and thought it was...
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    Rate my bookshelf

    I have Jakandor, and one that I've never known anyone else to have: Tales from the Floating Vagabond. But I can't be bothered to take a picture. So I'll have to paint a word picture. Four 80cm shelves, plus some spilling over, 1E, 2E and 3.X, BECMI, a couple of of the large 2E Monstrous...