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    Kickstarter dumpster fire?

    "Cancelled by the project creator." 35 backers, 30 dollars raised, and most of them seemed to have pledged a dollar just to post a comment. Well, I suppose that's one way to research the market.
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    Kickstarter dumpster fire?

    The game itself seems to offer nothing really new. Just a roll-and-move "social commentary" Monopoly clone. I remember playing one called "Let's Buy Britain" back in the 1980s, which someone had made in response to privatisation. At the time it was interesting and funny. Now it's a lazy concept...
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    What are you reading? September's Septic Septum edition!

    Psionic priests, rangers, psionic-boosting machines, intelligent bears and beavers (and SLUGS!), morse and hoppers, lightning guns, slavers and pirates, warrior princesses, dryads and catfolk ... What's not to love?
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    What are you reading? September's Septic Septum edition!

    I love those books. Sometimes I think about running a campaign in that world. It's a shame Lanier never finished the series. Myself, I'm about to start on A Little Hatred, Joe Abercrombie's new novel set in the First Law world.
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    OotS 1180

    New comic is up.
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    What's a word for a non-adventurer?

    NPCs Members of the public Sane
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    A few days old, but seeing as no one else has posted it: Chester Williams (49) has died, a Rugby World Cup winner with South Africa in 1995, and a key figure in changing the perception of rugby as a whites-only sport post-apartheid.
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    OoTS 1179: Indefinite Accommodations

    Imagine the Monster Manual of different types of trees! Palms, willows, oaks, redwoods ...
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    Best D&D novels

    I enjoyed a couple of the Gord the Rogue books, but I haven't reread them since the 1980s. The Forgotten Realms books I've read (Icewind Dale trilogy, Spellfire, maybe one or two others) definitely haven't stood the test of time. I read one Darksun novel, which I enjoyed. Can't remember what it...
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    Bad D&D jokes needed

    How do you know there's a halfling in your fridge? - Footprints in the butter. How do you know there's a dwarf in your fridge? - All your beer is gone, and there are footprints in the butter. How do you know there's a sorcerer in your fridge? - FIREBALL!
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    New Rise of Skywalker trailer

    Judging from this trailer, there will be even more accusations of "rehashing the previous movies" than with TFA.
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    Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch for auction

    I'll be very disapponted if the bidding doesn't go "1, 2, 5".
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    T-Rex Tiny Hands Theory

    Tyrannosaurus Hex.
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    Dragonlance based on Mormonism?!?

    I'd totally read a Dragonlance novel based on the Moomins.