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    Dire Lemming: something seems medically wrong with me. I may post slowly for while.

    To anyone this may concern. For some reason I woke up this morning after after admittedly not enough sleep and I suddenly can't control me right arm properly and it's not going back to normal so. So I'm probably gonna go to the hospital to see if I can figure out what's wrong if it lasts much...
  2. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E The (lack of a) Bag of Rats Problem in 4e

    I don't know what's worse. Carrying around a bag of cute fuzzy rodents for the sole purpose of using as animal sacrifices to your dark got of healing... An ambiguous rule replaced by a slightly less ambiguous rule that is also completely arbitrary.
  3. Dire Lemming

    D&D 3E/3.5 What to do with your old 3.5 PHB

    I think I'll keep mine until I find a reason to get 4E. :\
  4. Dire Lemming

    Looking for DM tools.

    Hi, I'm kind of a newbie at DMing and I've been having allot of trouble keeping track of everything in my PbP game. Does anyone know of any good free tools that could help? Specifically in organizing things like stats and descriptions for NPCs and locations? Thanks.
  5. Dire Lemming

    Planewalker is acting very odd

    Has anyone tried going to http://www.planewalker.com today? It keeps taking me to this site instead. http://quantz.lunarpages.com/suspended.page/ Anyone know what Lunarpages is?
  6. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E I want 4E NOW!

    I do not want 4E now. I might want it when it's finished, but I'm pretty sure I'll hate it if it's released now. I am however pleasantly surprised by the complete lack of flaming in this blatantly flamebait thread by those "Negative Nancys" with there "criticism".
  7. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E Why I'm "Meh" About 4E

    Absolutely not. I have a strong aversion to lying to people, especially if it's to their detriment. Bear in mind though that my most notable experience with Marketing is with Oblivion. So maybe Pete Hines gave me the wrong impression of a marketer's job. If that's the case then I guess I've...
  8. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E Why I'm "Meh" About 4E

    Wha? I thought that the point of marketing was to convince as many people as possible that they will like your product regardless of whether or not they actually will so that they'll give you their money. :\
  9. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E Why I'm "Meh" About 4E

    Hm, I don't think you'd say that if you knew about Planescape. Planescape is literally omnipotent. It is anything and everything that is D&D, and more than all of it. ... ... Given that fact, I'm not sure what I'm worried about actually. :D
  10. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E Why I'm "Meh" About 4E

    Blah! No one cares about the Planescape camp! As a Planescape fan, what does 4E have to offer me besides the annihilation of everything I know I like? :heh:
  11. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E Why I'm "Meh" About 4E

    Interesting. I share your feelings about 4E, but for completely different reasons. I wouldn't say I'm bored with generic fantasy, I usually play human characters anyway, but I don't mind the inclusion of Tieflings as a core race. I do mind the removal of Gnomes though, and myriad other things...
  12. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E Former 4E doubter , I have high hopes now

    I personally don't believe that just that one thing makes up for all the other things they've dumbed down. Pretty much every MMORPG has weird class based special abilities. It could well be one of the few things they add. Or it could just be a rip off of WoW or Diablo 2. I'd really like to...
  13. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E Former 4E doubter , I have high hopes now

    Oh, I hate that about Oblivion too, I just didn't mention everything I dislike about the game because most of it has nothing to do with Fourth Edition D&D. Trust me, it's more than you, I've played everygame in the series. :) The thing is, "dumbing down" is just a less politically correct way...
  14. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E Former 4E doubter , I have high hopes now

    As someone who started out playing computer games before I really got into D&D. I'm finding myself increasingly dissatisfied with 4e. Every thing I see so far seems to be following the current trend in the video game industry of simplifying things and dumbing them down to appeal to a wider...
  15. Dire Lemming

    D&D 4E The Blood War in 4E?

    Who said anything about having it both ways? You completely misread my statement. Devils, do not spend more time killing each other than they do harassing mortals. Devils aren't fighting the blood war with each other though, they're fighting it with Demons who they do not agree with. Thus...