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    5E [Historical context] Why "6 to 8 medium/hard encounters" meme is obsolete

    Yeah, I probably should have described the chart a bit better. Sorry about that. First of all, there is a sheet for backend data that has the core CR chart and a place for group size: On the main sheet, I'll go over the fields and explain any calculations I made. Level and XP Should be...
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    5E [Historical context] Why "6 to 8 medium/hard encounters" meme is obsolete

    For what it's worth, I did the math for my last campaign below: The far right column, Sessions, is the average of Medium, Hard, and Deadly encounters. I specifically didn't factor in Easy encounters because you have to run way too many in order to maintain any semblance of progress...
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    5E Is "perception" even a good concept?

    How interesting of a character development choice is it really? I didn't mind so much back when it was split into several skills, but 5e Perception is really just an obvious pick for everyone in my experience. Does this bother anyone else?
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    Yellow text on white wiki background

    I found the CSS entry that manages the background color for wiki threads. Unfortunately, it looks to be dynamically generated to apply to the specific wiki threads that show up when the page is refreshed. Assuming I'm not missing something here, this is a setting that Morrus will need to...
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    6E Mike Mearls “…it’s now obvious how to live without Bonus Actions”' And 6th Edition When Players Ask

    What do bonus actions actually do to enhance the game? I see most people here seem to like them, but I don't really understand what problem they solve.
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    5E D&D Class Design Criticism

    This is something that's kind of bothered me since the 3e days, but it seems to get worse with each edition. Basically, classes really only start to feel "complete" in the later levels. Just think of all the character concepts that don't really come online until level 8 or 11 or something...
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    5E Can you shove or grapple a creature that you're riding?

    As far as I can tell you can, but I'm curious if the following examples hold true (or if I'm completely wrong in the first place). (a). You're riding a horse out of combat and decide to "shove" it into the ground. Since the horse probably wasn't expecting you to be a source of danger, I'm...
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    Would be a lot simpler to just write an RSS parser and output the Unearthed Arcana updates and links to a page or sidebar or something. You could create an automated dynamic page of links and article names that way.
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    Click the link and select "Unearthed Arcana" from the "Narrow By" drop down. It defaults to the newest, and the most recent one has been up since 1/16.
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    5E Magic Item Card Templates

    Oh, and here's an example card with data filled in.
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    5E Magic Item Card Templates

    I have Publisher templates that use a mailmerge function linked to a database for monsters and items. Problem is, I don't think I'm really allowed to share the data. The templates are designed to be quickly-printed on 3x5 blank index cards, rather than be anything fancy looking. Here's an...
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    5E Softback Books?

    With official PDF's seemingly never happening, has there been any word on softback printings like they did with some 4e stuff? It was getting really annoying lugging around a PHB, DMG, MM, and AP, plus notebook and tablet. Anyway, my short term solution was to take my PHB and MM -- both of...
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    Bug with notifications

    Every once in a while, I'll get a notification alerting me to receiving XP or being quoted or something. Normally, I can click the link and it takes me to the post in question, however sometimes it takes me to a different post entirely. For example, I have a notification with a link to this...
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    4E Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters

    To get around this, I pretty much rewrote the monster creation rules. I have a list of stat templates that represent baselines, HP categories, AC categories, size, attack templates (high hit with low damage, low hit with high damage, high hit and damage, etc), and special abilities...
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    5E Survey Results - Tier 1-4 experience

    Last month I ran a survey asking 5 questions, 4 of which were related to the "tiers of play" mentioned in 5th edition. Logged in and there haven't been many more responses recently, so thought I'd share them with you guys in case anyone was curious.